Left Behind!

It will start like a normal day, waking up to your partner, a kiss on their forehead. You prepare yourself to go to work, and when you get outside, things don’t look the same as usual. There are cars that are on the road with no drivers, the engines are running, the lady that was speaking through the radio stopped. Some cars had two people inside them, then the other disappears and yet another is left wondering what just happened. The school bus is empty all the children are no where to be found, the parents are hysterical wondering what could have happened to their children, they make frantic calls to the school, there is no answer! Driving through these cars that don’t have drivers is a nightmare, and so most of them decide to walk, in their cooperation, some walk to schools and some to the nearest police station and just as expected its also chaotic there. The police man on duty also disappeared, and his colleagues are also trying to make what just happened, the headmaster is confused, she was talking to the secretary when she disappeared into thin air!
Photo courtesy of : Z3News 
Thats when it hits the christians who were ‘left behind,’ The rapture has taken place! Christ has come, just like He said He would, like a thief in the night and has gone with His beloved! Immediately you start crying, you knew the gospel all along, you went to church every Sunday, and you even thought you were saved! The moment of truth has come and thats when it dawns, yes you were saved, but it was just by your words, it wasn’t from the heart! You never lived your life for Jesus, you never took up your cross and followed Him. The saddest part of it all is that, as your walking down the road wondering what your next move will be, you see your pastor, you see your worship leader, people you wouldn’t expect to see at such a time as this, but they too have been ‘left behind.’ And so the few who understand what happened, you assembly together to console each other and ask questions. You find a house and before you even settle down, there on the television, its written “breaking news,” and so everyone sits down to listen to what the announcements would be.
Photo courtesy of :Pillar of Enoch Ministry

“People’s of the world,” the reporter starts, “we are pleased to inform you that there is a new world order now!” and the guy continues to say that for you to get on with your life, to buy stuff or even sell, is by getting a mark on your forehead or on your hand. That is the way people will get identified, buy goods or sell goods and as a Christian who knew that all this was written in the Bible, and so you refuse to take this mark and advice the rest not to. Every person who had foodstuffs in their house, go to bring them over to this one place that christians are assembling, and when they go out, they find soldiers who ask them to show their identification. They don’t have any, and are asked if they would like to get one, and they also decline, they are beaten up, tortured and finally beheaded. The Bible speaks of people who came out of the great tribulation having washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb Revelation 7:14.

The Bible also speaks of how hard those days will be, some christians will compromise, will others will stand their ground. I would however, like to draw your attention to now, your life, are you saved and truly living your life for Christ? Its time we realise that we don’t have time to waste, we don’t have time to be fake! We need to be real with God, we need to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, because if we don’t, He will deny us and say “depart from me, I never knew you.” “But Lord I served you in Church, I led the worship team, I sang praises to your name,” and He will answer “Yes you went to church, yes you led worship, but your heart was never sincere with me”, “you loved the world, more than you loved me.” I just hope and pray that we will be sincere with God right now, give Him our lives totally and wholly!

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