We have all been opposed at some time in our lives, you want to do something, but you get hurdles, you get people who try to frustrate your efforts, they will talk ill of you, they will fabricate things to make you look bad, and the worst part of it all is that many people will believe their lies, therefore, making you look bad, and them like heroes. Children who are young, but will make up stories of their friends, talk badly about them in class, to the extent this child who is picked on, starts hating school, gets depressed or worse still commit suicide. We’ve seen it all in the news, teenage girls committing suicide because of ‘mean girls’ who made their lives miserable to the point of death! And when you look at the person who is usually picked on, they are the most sweet, beautiful person, while the mean person, wasn’t even as beautiful, but was jealous of the other.

Opposition is everywhere, church, school, places of work, even Jesus was opposed by the teachers of the Law during His ministry. So when does opposition come? when your trying to build, when your trying to make something, or be a better person, when you want to leave your bad old habits, then opposition will come in. Friends will pull you down with their nasty words, the same ‘friends’ will tell you that your already an alcoholic so there’s no point in trying to quit alcohol. This is usually because, they have tried leaving alcohol and failed and so they don’t want anyone to succeed, in their defeat, they would also like to see everyone else defeated. They are being used by the devil to do his ‘sic’ work, but they don’t even realise it.

In the Bible, Ezra 4:1-5 it speaks of how the enemies of Judah and Benjamin raised opposition in building the temple of the Lord, they even sent a letter to King Artaxerxes and in it, was nothing but lies, but when the King heard that the Jews were a threat to His Kingship, He ordered that the rebuilding of the temple of the Lord stop immediately and so it was. Ezra 4:24 Thus the work on the house of God in Jerusalem came to a standstill until the second year of the reign of Darius King of Persia. The temple was completed during the reign of Kind Darius, he issued the order and his officials made sure it was adhered to, he also ordered that the costs of rebuilding the temple were to be paid by the royal treasury. He ordered all the gold, and silver articles that Nebuchadnezzar took from the temple in Jerusalem be returned to their places in the new Temple.
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Photo courtesy of Samy Smyles Photography

Therefore remember even when you get opposed and you are teared down completely, and all your nakedness is exposed to the public, God is still watching, and He who began a good work in you, will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus Philippians 1:6. Do not be afraid of doing good because people will try and turn it into evil, Do not stop helping the poor, even if they say your doing ‘showbiz,’ they don’t see into your heart, only God does. And even if they tear you down with their words, they will not destroy you. What the enemy planned for your destruction, God will use it to build you back and everyone who took away your pride and tried to shame you, will come back to help you rebuild, and will even pay for the costs! God will use the same enemies who brought you down, to bring you up, all to the Glory and Honour of His wonderful name.

Don’t get tired of building because you’ve faced opposition, build, God is with you. Don’t get tired of helping because you’ve faced opposition, help even when you feel discouraged and down! Do good even when you see as if those whom your helping aren’t grateful, go ahead and help! Its not about you, Its about Him, and He is a Faithful God, What is done in the secret, He shall reward you in the open!

When you face opposition, then know that your doing something good, don’t despair, but rather find strength in the Lord your God!


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