Touched by Jesus

Sometimes I let my mind take me away and just wander in thoughts, today was one of those days and the thing that came into my mind was, “Jesus walked this earth over 2,000 years ago” its not that I didn't know that, I did, but I was actualizing and imagining seeing Him back in... Continue Reading →

Near Death Experience

Its being a while since I jotted down, and this is the reason, read on.... When you have a near death experience, everything in you changes, its like you have being re-born and your eyes have being opened to see whats really important. On 20th of January 2019, I was given a second chance to... Continue Reading →


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. Throughout the Bible we are reminded time and time again to have Faith in God, and we see many people who had faith in God and how He moved and worked miracles in their lives, through the faith that they had in... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit

As a parent, I have learnt to always listen to what my children tell me, sometimes they say things that don’t make sense, but as long as you give them an open ear, they will tell you everything that happens to them. That said, a few weeks ago, my son wakes up and tell me... Continue Reading →

Jesus, the name that saves!

Many years back when I was young, I used to have very bad nightmares, they were so bad, that I would fall from my bed, scream at the top of my lungs and my parents would come and find that I have fallen down from the double decker bed. I used to get chocked, I... Continue Reading →

Where are we headed?

Police killing innocent people on the streets, like they didn’t matter. Husbands killing wives to get a shot with the other woman, wives killing husbands for inheritance. Children have also turned into the occult world, they are killing their parents as sacrifices to the under world, what has our world turned into? What have people... Continue Reading →

The cross was enough

  The cross was enough, it was the ultimate sacrifice for mankind. Now live your life as a free person, just as Christ intended it to be. Free from pain, suffering, rejection, addiction. Because he traded all these so that you can have love, peace, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, perseverance and joy. Don't let anyone take... Continue Reading →

Dealing with hurt

So I find a friend of mine crying and I get concerned and ask her what was wrong, and that’s when all the tears flowed down her cheeks. She had been hurt by another person, who according to her, just kept picking on her for no apparent reason. I knew I couldn’t have a pity... Continue Reading →


When Nehemiah wanted to build the wall of Jerusalem together with a few men, they inspected it, and agreed to start rebuilding its walls. They had opposition from Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem who when they heard about rebuilding mocked and ridiculed them saying “what is this you are doing? “are you rebelling against the king?”... Continue Reading →

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