Near Death Experience

Its being a while since I jotted down, and this is the reason, read on.... When you have a near death experience, everything in you changes, its like you have being re-born and your eyes have being opened to see whats really important. On 20th of January 2019, I was given a second chance to... Continue Reading →

Too Busy

Have you ever being too busy for God? Is there such a thing really like being too busy for God? What has God called us to do? what does He want from us? The life that we live is God’s gift to us, however what we do with our lives is our gift back to... Continue Reading →


Why is He called the Holy Spirit? Who is He anyway? What exactly does He do? From where did He come from? There are many mysteries in this world and to some people the HolySpirit is still a mystery. He’s feared by some, while for others its a case of, 'they just don’t want to... Continue Reading →

Are you ready to be unveiled?

Whenever the presence of the Lord is in our midst, we definitely feel it and those who aren’t saved, will get a conviction. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, darkness cannot stand, evil spirits will have to depart and leave, for in His presence, there is fulness of joy, there is peace that is indescribable.... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit

As a parent, I have learnt to always listen to what my children tell me, sometimes they say things that don’t make sense, but as long as you give them an open ear, they will tell you everything that happens to them. That said, a few weeks ago, my son wakes up and tell me... Continue Reading →

Do you know HIM?

It's typical that the wife knows more about the husband than he does about her. In very few cases and or circumstances will you find the husband knowing everything about the wife. You would find a husband asking what his ID number or passport number is and the wife will answer without even looking, while... Continue Reading →

Dealing with hurt

So I find a friend of mine crying and I get concerned and ask her what was wrong, and that’s when all the tears flowed down her cheeks. She had been hurt by another person, who according to her, just kept picking on her for no apparent reason. I knew I couldn’t have a pity... Continue Reading →

Left Behind!

It will start like a normal day, waking up to your partner, a kiss on their forehead. You prepare yourself to go to work, and when you get outside, things don’t look the same as usual. There are cars that are on the road with no drivers, the engines are running, the lady that was... Continue Reading →

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