Overcoming Fear

Fear of snakes, fear of animals, fear of spiders, fear of failure, fear of the dark! Different people have different fears and each of us, has had a fear of something at some point in our lives. Yes I know we have courageous people out there, but deep inside our heart of hearts, we've being... Continue Reading →

Near Death Experience

Its being a while since I jotted down, and this is the reason, read on.... When you have a near death experience, everything in you changes, its like you have being re-born and your eyes have being opened to see whats really important. On 20th of January 2019, I was given a second chance to... Continue Reading →

Too Busy

Have you ever being too busy for God? Is there such a thing really like being too busy for God? What has God called us to do? what does He want from us? The life that we live is God’s gift to us, however what we do with our lives is our gift back to... Continue Reading →


Picture this; Jesus with His clique of 12 disciples and how they used to be. Who was the loudest? who loved food more than anyone else? who loved making jokes? We all know that in our circle of friends, there is always a foodie, there is always one who never keeps quiet and likes disturbing... Continue Reading →


Why is He called the Holy Spirit? Who is He anyway? What exactly does He do? From where did He come from? There are many mysteries in this world and to some people the HolySpirit is still a mystery. He’s feared by some, while for others its a case of, 'they just don’t want to... Continue Reading →

Power In Praise

Every time  I read the story of king Jehoshaphat I am in awe of what God did. King Jehoshaphat kingdom was under attack from every corner 2 Chronicles 20:2 Some men came and told Jehoshaphat, ‘A vast army is coming against you from Edom, from the other side of the sea. It is already in... Continue Reading →


Water quenches thirst and makes one full, even if you were thirsty and hungry, just by taking water, your hunger will disappear. Our bodies are made up of 90% water, therefore I imagine that if I were big enough, then I could actually swim in my own body? Water is used for bathing, cooking, washing... Continue Reading →

Manual to Life

Almost everything that we buy now has a manual, which will guide you on how to assemble the equipment, how to use, what to do incase of different types of errors and many other things. The purpose of the manual is to act as a guide and if its something that needs assembly, if you... Continue Reading →


At what age do children start making decisions for themselves? Well they don’t really make major decisions when they are young, but be sure that they will start choosing their clothes, they will start choosing their food, some will even start choosing what subjects they like and which ones they don’t like. From an early... Continue Reading →

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