Self Righteous Christian

Am not like her? I don’t gossip like she does? She’s always up in other peoples business wanting to know everything about everyone yet she’s the first one to go and spread the news. Am not like him? I don’t beat up my wife like everyone else does! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke am... Continue Reading →


How excellent is your name oh Lord, how excellent is your name oh Lord, how excellent is your name, how excellent is your name, how excellent is your name oh Lord!!  Am singing this old school song, which just goes with every season! and as I did, I asked myself, what is excellence? We've all... Continue Reading →


Check out her skin it’s flawless, smooth as a baby’s b*m, no blemishes no nothing! Look at her body, it's perfect, it’s like God had the whole day when he was making her, paying attention to every detail. Handsome men, perfect look from the outside, you’d think your watching a 3D movie, the clarity is... Continue Reading →

What seed are you carrying?

I was walking in town yesterday and I saw a lady who was pregnant and she was walking towards me, some guy who was walking aimlessly was about to hit her and I noticed that she stopped and she put her hand over her tummy, turned to the side and she let the guy pass,... Continue Reading →

TBT-Jesus calls His disciples

Jesus has been baptised, tempted and is now ready for His ministry. The very first disciples who were called by Jesus were the fishermen Simon & his brother Andrew, James & John who were the sons of Zebedee, these were called as they were fishing. The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee, He... Continue Reading →


We have all been opposed at some time in our lives, you want to do something, but you get hurdles, you get people who try to frustrate your efforts, they will talk ill of you, they will fabricate things to make you look bad, and the worst part of it all is that many people... Continue Reading →

Left Behind!

It will start like a normal day, waking up to your partner, a kiss on their forehead. You prepare yourself to go to work, and when you get outside, things don’t look the same as usual. There are cars that are on the road with no drivers, the engines are running, the lady that was... Continue Reading →

TBT – Young Jesus

We don’t have many accounts of Jesus when He was young, how He was as a young boy or if HE ever performed miracles when he was young. I recently watched the movie called ‘Young Messiah,’ and what the Holy wood directors are basically trying to say is that, Jesus performed miracles as a child, he... Continue Reading →


When you stand infront of a mirror you see a reflection of yourself, it is exactly who we are, the mirror doesn’t lie (though sometimes we would like it to). Like the snow-white movie, we normally be like “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all,” and since the mirror can’t... Continue Reading →

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