Pursue Your Purpose

Picture this, your on your death bed, taking your last breadths before you leave this earth, and then you see something that looks like a ghost. You try to explain to the people around you what your seeing, but they don’t understand any of it and all they do is tell you to focus your eyes... Continue Reading →


I met this young tall dark and handsome man and my first impression of him was damn boy you look hot! He has dimples on his face and he’s ever smiling. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t say hi unless you do, but once he gets to know you, he talks until your left wondering... Continue Reading →

New Morning

There’s a good feeling about a new month, Its like you’ve being given a clean sheet of paper to actually write out your life, your goals, plans and what you would like to achieve for the new month. A new month comes with its own expectations, and lessons from the previous month. Things that you didn’t manage to achieve are pushed right into the new month,... Continue Reading →

Is your body an Avatar?

I love watching movies and If I was to make any similarity of a movie to our lives/bodies then it would have to be the Avatar movie. How you might ask? hold on and let me explain. I have watched the Avatar movie over 6 times! yes 6 times and I never get bored with... Continue Reading →

Letting go!!

So I made a mistake once or twice! heck I don’t know how many times, so what? who hasn’t made a mistake? who in this life never had a flaw, or any sort of imperfections! The problem however, is that, we never forgive ourselves for the past mistakes which we did, which means whenever another... Continue Reading →

Eye on the Price!!

If your taking a lift to 15th floor, you wouldn't get tired; why? Because you only pressed a button and the electric power force of the lift, took you all the way up. Now imagine if you had to walk all 15 floors, by the time you get to the 7th floor, you would be... Continue Reading →


"I just want to be happy", this is the phrase that most people use, and anyway would you really blame them? As it is right now our world is just full of hypocrisy and everyone is trying to look for a glimpse of hope that they can hold on to. A happy family, a happy... Continue Reading →


Children are little machines, they look and walk away, however 99.9% is guaranteed that they will repeat what they saw either as a child or as an adult. Children’s brains are like recorders, they pick up everything they see and record it in their brains, then somewhere along the way, they remember what they saw,... Continue Reading →


I don’t think there is anyone in this world who can stand up and say that they never ever had struggles in their lives, either as a kid growing up, as a teenager, a young adult, or even as an adult. You go on with life, you never deal with your struggles and now it... Continue Reading →

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