You know when you’ve done something that you weren't supposed to do and the feeling you get afterwards? Guilt? Guilt can be so overwhelming because it makes you think, why did i do that in the first place? How could I have being so stupid and gullible? and to some people, guilt can make you... Continue Reading →

Pursue Your Purpose

Picture this, your on your death bed, taking your last breadths before you leave this earth, and then you see something that looks like a ghost. You try to explain to the people around you what your seeing, but they don’t understand any of it and all they do is tell you to focus your eyes... Continue Reading →


I met this young tall dark and handsome man and my first impression of him was damn boy you look hot! He has dimples on his face and he’s ever smiling. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t say hi unless you do, but once he gets to know you, he talks until your left wondering... Continue Reading →

More than conquerors!!

My friend has two boys who go to the same school, and an organisation is planning a walk, and so they were asked to take forms so that they could raise money. The elder one comes home excited telling the mother what they were told in school, and he was excited about raising the money,... Continue Reading →

Left Behind!

It will start like a normal day, waking up to your partner, a kiss on their forehead. You prepare yourself to go to work, and when you get outside, things don’t look the same as usual. There are cars that are on the road with no drivers, the engines are running, the lady that was... Continue Reading →

Where do I belong?

Ever asked yourself where do I fit in this world? where do I belong? Our world has its very own cliques, so many different of them, some you can join depending on your status, while others cannot be joined by just anyone. These are the elite, the wealthy families who control the world, they make the... Continue Reading →

Will you Serve Him as you wait on Him?

Your on the brink of loosing your marriage, your partner is seeing someone else, your about to loose your job, you’ve been given a retrenchment letter, you’ve just been chased from your house by your step dad, you have no where to go, you have no where to stay. The mortgage people just sent a letter... Continue Reading →


The Israelites went into exile a couple of times, but when they were taken by King Nebuchadnezzar from Jerusalem to Babylon, the Lord spoke through prophet Jeremiah and a letter was sent to them. They were told to build houses and settle down, to plant and eat what they produce. To marry, have sons and... Continue Reading →

Who do you rely on?

Relying on people, and thinking that they are the ones who can get you somewhere, instead of fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ. Have you ever done that? looking at someone and thinking they are the ones who will get you out of Egypt? out of your slavery and misery? We all have done that... Continue Reading →

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