Change of Guard

Security companies are everywhere, each with its own profile trying to entice companies and even individuals into booking them. The more packages you have to match and meet every need, the more people will buy into your company. When the services offered are good enough, then you are guaranteed of referrals from different people, which... Continue Reading →


You know when you’ve done something that you weren't supposed to do and the feeling you get afterwards? Guilt? Guilt can be so overwhelming because it makes you think, why did i do that in the first place? How could I have being so stupid and gullible? and to some people, guilt can make you... Continue Reading →


Max is a boy who got into the occult at a very young age. Maybe because he was lured into it by the luxurious things that he got, everything he’d ever dreamed of he got. Max comes from a poor family, they lived in the slums, he’s an only child and both his parents struggled... Continue Reading →

New Morning

There’s a good feeling about a new month, Its like you’ve being given a clean sheet of paper to actually write out your life, your goals, plans and what you would like to achieve for the new month. A new month comes with its own expectations, and lessons from the previous month. Things that you didn’t manage to achieve are pushed right into the new month,... Continue Reading →

Self Righteous Christian

Am not like her? I don’t gossip like she does? She’s always up in other peoples business wanting to know everything about everyone yet she’s the first one to go and spread the news. Am not like him? I don’t beat up my wife like everyone else does! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke am... Continue Reading →

Chasing after the wind

Today is one of those days when my mind takes a stroll to I don't know where, reflecting on life and all it entails. today I asked myself, If I died today, how would It be? Who would cry for me? Who would feel the void? Would people even notice that Cynthia was no more?... Continue Reading →


Perfect relationship? am all in, after all  who doesn’t want a partner that will love them till the very end? We are emotional creatures who always want to be loved and feel love surrounding us, no single person in this world can stand up and say that they don’t want any kind of love whatsoever.... Continue Reading →

Ideal Life….?

When you sit down to think and remember all the miraculous signs and wonders that God has performed since time memorial, then you will be amazed. It all begins from His amazing beautiful creation, order was there from the beginning, paying attention to detail, nothing was left to chance. He did not create the animals first,... Continue Reading →


1 Corinthians 1:25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength. At times I read this verse and am left wondering to myself why would the writer write about God's foolishness? what was he thinking? God ain't foolish! But then again am reminded that... Continue Reading →

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