I am a woman who has devoted her life to obediently pursue God’s calling and serve as a role model of faith in my family and community. I guide my children to become light in the world by teaching them love, compassion, and faith as a mother. I support and encourage my husband as a wife by praying for him and participating with him in all facets of our married life. Together, we have worked to honor God and make a positive difference in our world. I am a leader, a counsellor and mentor. 

I have a strong desire to share the good news and the love of Christ with individuals in my community. I acknowledge that the world may be a dark and perplexing place, but I am convinced that those who are most in need of hope and healing can find it in the light of Christ. I am dedicated to changing the world, whether it is with outreach initiatives, volunteer work, or just by being kind and giving to others. And as I continue to heed God’s calling on my life, I am confident that He will use me in unexpected ways.

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