Football 101

Football is game I used to love with passion until I met D.H (dear husband), who isn’t a fan and my passion went under water, I still watch, but not as much I used to.

A football team has its players, goalkeeper and team captain. For you to win the game, you have to be a good team player, pass the ball around and eventually score. A referee is always running up and down making sure that all teams mates play a fair game and follow the rules. But a referee has to be in the game, without a referee the game won’t go on!! A referee is usually helped by the two lines men, who are not in the field, but are on the outside overlooking inside. When you go offside, he raises his flag and even if you had scored, it’s not counted.

Who is the referee over your life? Who is always there with you going up and down with you and making sure you follow the rules of the game? Who blows a whistle on you and shows you a red card? The one person that has always been there for us all from the beginning is God. He is always with us, everywhere we go, He is there, when we make mistakes and draw away from Him, His Holy Spirit will convict us of our sins. God is our referee, He will blow the whistle on us when we go wrong, He will raise a red card!

Who is your lines man? They never get into your game, but are however overlooking from outside and raising a red flag, still from outside, but they can never get in your game. These are our parents, elders, teachers, people who can never play this game of life on our behalf, but who are always there to see when we make mistakes. They will warn us, discipline us, but that’s all that they can do. We have a choice of listening to them, or ignoring them like they don’t exist, the choice is ours, but they will always be there!

The world is like a big football field, each player plays at his own time, if you are a good player, you will leave a legacy, that goes from generation to generation, but just like life, you can’t play football forever. A time comes when you retire from professional football, a time comes when we leave this world. But what did you leave behind? David Beckham, Pele, Romario, Cristian Ronaldo, Ziko are all football legends and will be remembered from time to time. What about me? What about You? What will we be remembered for? What impact would you have left in this world? will you touch a life? will you spread the word of God? or will you be just there, doing nothing at all?

I don’t know about you but I want to serve my Lord and spread His word in whatever capacity I have! Let it be known that Cynthia Loves Jesus and is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

When your time to play comes, play a good game, work with your team mates, listen and obey the referee and lines man. So that when you leave the pitch, and another player comes in, let them say, I wanna be just as good as so and so!!

Blessings! !

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