Who do you rely on?

Relying on people, and thinking that they are the ones who can get you somewhere, instead of fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ. Have you ever done that? looking at someone and thinking they are the ones who will get you out of Egypt? out of your slavery and misery? We all have done that at one point or another, we have had boyfriends whom we looked at as our saviours, heroes or our strength. We have adored them, worshipped them like our gods, only to be kicked on the back like a dog because they are the ones who have hurt us the most. What of girlfriends? you’d looked at her and think she is the woman described in the book of proverbs, or the queen of sheba! But Lo! her beauty struck you and left you paralysed, not moving, stuck like glue to her! only to find out she is the most ugly, wicked person on the face of the planet.

There are people whom we have placed at the fore front of our lives and whom we look up to so very much, instead of looking up to God, It could be a husband, wife, parents or even friends. I remember there was a time when my husband travelled, I didn’t go to church, I just slept in. We were so used to going to Church together, that I felt that people would find it weird or start talking if I went to church alone, crazy right? But yes, that was when I was thinking like a child, but now I have grown up and know that the only person I need to put as my number 1 priority is my God, my Father. Sometimes we are the ones who have chosen our helpers instead of waiting on God. The truth is that God sends people into our lives who will help us and even open doors for us, He is the one to decide who these people or person will be and not you. More often than not, the ones that we choose, or we think that they are the ones to ‘help’ aren’t, and the most unlikely person or the least person you thought of, is usually the one that God has chosen. Why? We choose from the outside, what we see is what we get, but God looks from the inside, He knows each and every person and their motives, we don’t.

Therefore what we should be doing is relying on God instead of relying on our own carnal knowledge! You could be looking at a friend who is rich, and assume that their monies is what you need. Well some people have gotten their wealth from the dark sources, and if you get entangled with them, you will also get entangled with their dark sources! Others have gone to witches and witchdoctors to give them ‘powers’ to get a man or a woman to become their partners in life, when you look at them they seem to be the man or woman of your dreams, but such relationships and or marriages do not work. What we need is to ask God for guidance in everything, from our partners in life to every other decision that we make in life.

However, even when God places people in our lives to help us, we should not look at them as ‘gods,’ and forget that God is the one who sent them in the first place, but rather, we should give thanks to God who has made it possible. Don’t say or think to yourself, that if you didn’t have a certain person your doomed! No, we are all mortal and none of our lives belongs to us, but to God, He is the one who put us all in this earth, and He is the only one who can take us out! Romans 14:7-8

Do not worry about anything, Matthew 6:27 “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” truth is no one can! We cannot add a single hour or minute to our life, our problems, it is only God who can save us! So why not take to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20


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