So my friend says, “grass is still grass no matter where and how you look at it, it’s still grass!!.

It’s made my mind go crazy and over think. So you have a good marriage, but you think your friend’s marriage is better than yours, because they apparently go for holidays and vacations and you don’t. You have a good job, but you keep complaining that the work load is too much all the time. Your life is generally okay, but you always nag! What you don’t know is that every marriage, every job, every life has its own issues and challenges, but the grass still seems greener on the other side.

We all know that grass needs to be trimmed so that it can look neat and tidy. If you don’t trim grass, it grows and grows, and even goes to places it’s not ment to grow. But if you keep trimming it, keep watering it, it shall have the good shape and colour that you want. Same case with our lives, we always see that our neighbour has everything, but what you don’t know is that, your neighbour might seem to have it all, but deep down they could be hurting in depression and loneliness. They have put up this face of “I AM OKAY”, but deep inside, they need their grass to be watered & trimmed.  Deep down they are screaming for help. Deep down they are caged up inside themselves. So in such cases, who trims our grass? Who sorts out our inner most secrets that we cannot share with anyone else? Who do you run to? To Whom do you cry for help? JESUS! ! He will shape all the ugly grass in your life that no one else can or will. He will cut it and cover your shame. He will restore your dignity!! Reach out to Him today and He will answer you.


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