Holy Spirit

As a parent, I have learnt to always listen to what my children tell me, sometimes they say things that don’t make sense, but as long as you give them an open ear, they will tell you everything that happens to them. That said, a few weeks ago, my son wakes up and tell me “mum I had a dream that I don’t understand,” and am like “please tell me what you saw.” At first he was hesitant and was like, “mum I know you won’t believe me,” but because I personally know how it feels for someone to tell you something then, you brush it off, I wouldn’t do that to my child, and so I encouraged him and convinced him to share what he saw. He says, “Mum I saw someone who was approaching me and was trying to attack me in my bedroom, it didn’t look like a nice person, he was looked evil. As he was speaking, I was terrified in my heart, because, I thought to myself, ‘is history repeating itself?’ He goes on and says, “but mum, just when he was about to reach where I was, I saw fire surrounding me, and the man that was coming towards me, couldn’t come near me anymore.” At this point am speechless, my mouth is all wide open, and I want to hear more, and so he continues and says, “when the fire surrounded me, that evil man couldn’t reach me, because when he reached out his hand, the fire burned him, and when he saw that he couldn’t come near me, he went away. Then I ask him, “so when this evil man went away, did the fire also go?” he goes on, “no the fire didn’t go away, it surrounded me and was protecting me, and I felt peace. He goes on to say, “Mum I reached out my hand to touch this fire that was surrounding me, but this same fire didn’t burn me,” Infact he said, that afterwards, the fire came towards him and played with him, then he slept. At this point am crying like a little baby and my son asks me why am crying and so I explain to him that what he saw was the FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Spirit of power, that destroys your enemies and protects the people of God! What a mighty God we serve.wpid-dsc01472
After this, I went to my room and I cried to God, and thanked Him for His protection over my children. God speaks to us in many ways and dreams and vision is one of them. The Holy Spirit of God is at work within us, we can’t see him, with our natural eyes, but He is there, He protects us and surrounds us with His Fire. It doesn’t burn us, but it destroys our enemies and foes. God speaks to our children in many ways, and so when your child comes to you and says that they saw something, never brush them off, listen to them! It could be God speaking through them, to you.
Acts 2:3-4 And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance.


  1. wooowww Cynthia you are blessed you brought tears to my eyes on this particular article and i decree and declare the fire of God over our children being a mother i definitely relate to this story too well. God protect us all.


    1. Amen, I was crying the whole time when my son shared this, if was very powerful. Thanks for taking your time to read. God bless


      1. Preach Preacher. I thank God coz in this forum many parents will read this and consider taking time with their children. Lets always be ready to listen to them and they will continue to trust us with information and the love we give them. Hongera!**************************************


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