Near Death Experience

Its being a while since I jotted down, and this is the reason, read on….

When you have a near death experience, everything in you changes, its like you have being re-born and your eyes have being opened to see whats really important.

On 20th of January 2019, I was given a second chance to life, and here is my story. I delivered a bouncy baby boy @4:47pm weighing at 3.98kgs and he was beautiful, he still is. I held him for a while before he was taken by the nurses to be attended to. What happened next was a roller coaster of events, that startled everyone.

I was taken back to my room and immediately after, I started getting contractions again, this time stronger than before, and so I thought I would sleep it off which I tried to, but only for a while because the pain was excruciating. I therefore asked my mum to call in the nurse coz at this point we were wondering if there was another baby left inside. The nurse comes in with the doctor, and they discover that there are clots that were left inside. Again am taken to the delivery room and they successfully remove the clots, which were extremely painful, all this time no sedation, just nature taking its place. After a gruesome experience the doctor says the clots are out, but he noticed I had several tares, with a big one just next to my uterus. I am sedated and they stitch the smaller tares, however, the tare next to the uterus is the one causing blood to continue gashing out, hence the reason for the clots. For this reason, I have to be rushed to theater, for a condition the doctors call, post partum hemorrhage.


My husband, family and friends who were there are called in and the doctor explains the situation, and so we pray together. Here I am, lying on the bed bleeding, and now I have to go for emergency surgery to save my life? I started crying and fear crept in. I thought to myself, what if this is the end for me? and I immediately started thinking of my kids and more so the little one I had just given birth to and asked God to help me pull this through.

Next thing I see is the theater guys who’ve come to take me away, and before they did, I whispered to my friend Pauline to tell my pastors and friends to pray for me and I was taken away. The ride between delivery room and the theater room was one I dreaded, and I couldn’t stop crying. As I lay there, I asked God to forgive me for everything I had done wrong, I felt like this was the end of me here on earth. I asked God to remember me for the little things I had done, my life was in His hands and only He had power over it.

Am in the theater, and all I see is lights since am lying on my back. Am given general anesthesia and in a matter of seconds I am out. I went into theater at 7:15pm and from what my husband and family tell me, is that they left the hospital when I came out from theater and taken into HDU ward at 3am on the morning of 21st January 2019. When I woke up and found all sorts of tubes around me, I started removing them, therefore I was restrained and I slept again. Then I finally gained control of my body at around 6:30am and I all I asked for was a glass of water because I was thirsty and my throat felt so dry. The nurse explained I couldn’t take anything until some hours passed, and so I had to relax. After a while she came over together with other nurses and told me that I had being in theater and that the operation went well, they gave me 4pints of blood as I had lost a lot, however, she noted that the bleeding still had not stopped and they now needed to take me to ICU, as my blood pressure was getting low.

At this point am wondering, what is going on? I gave birth normal, I still haven’t seen my baby properly, I haven’t breastfed him and now I have to go to ICU? I was crushed, and I was at my lowest of lows.

They called my husband to give consent, but his phone was off, and so I had to sign for myself papers to take me to ICU! That was the hardest decision ever! It was just barely two months after I lost my grandma who was also in ICU and the thought of me going there scared me, but it had to be done. When I get to ICU, the doctors are called in and they checked and confirmed that indeed the bleeding hadn’t stopped.

They therefore do another procedure and It was painful because I couldn’t be sedated, it had to be done while I was awake. I was also given platelets and plasma to help in the clotting, because my system had lost all the mechanism for clotting blood, and everything I was getting was coming out.

In the evening something happened, something that not everyone knows. At around 9pm, I was just alone and about to sleep, then I started feeling cold in my feet, and the cold was like climbing up my body and i couldn’t feel my legs. So I rang the bell for the nurse to come, but she didn’t. I rang again but I was all alone. Next thing I heard was the machines starting to make noises and so I turned to have a look and the machines were blinking red lights and I thought to myself, am dying. Here I am lying helplessly, can’t move my legs, feet are stone cold, no nurse is coming to my rescue, I had to turn to the only one person who was there, Jesus. I called on his name in a panicky state and at that time am wondering, Lord why you not answering? Then I composed myself and I called on the blood of Jesus three times and immediately warmth came back to my body, thats when a whole team of nurses came to the room asking me what happened, and I just told, them “I was cold but am fine now.” They looked at the machines and asked why they are blinking and giving a scary report, but I told them, I don’t know. However, in my heart I knew Jesus had done it again for me!

I couldn’t go to the bathroom nor stand in the shower and take a bath, all these I had someone else do it for me and it was the most degrading moments of my entire life. It dawned on me the things that we take for granted like take a shower or go to the bathroom, to be able to pee without a catheter controlling your bladder! To be able to sit by yourself and have total and absolute control of your body.

Later in the night, my doctor comes in and says that they need to remove the stuff that had being inserted in my uterus so see if the bleeding had stopped, if it had, they would observe me through the night and take me to normal ward in the morning. The bleeding had subsided and I was happy and I told God thank you. So on Tuesday 22nd January at around 3pm I was taken to normal ward and for the first time I held my handsome baby boy and breastfed him. The joy I had was overwhelming and I couldn’t help but just let the tears roll down. They were tears of happiness and gladness. I didn’t have enough milk because of everything that had happened, so my baby was taken back to nursery and was given formula milk.

I slept through the night for the first time without a machine plugged into my body to monitor my breathing and pressure levels. I was now able to walk by myself and that is so liberating. Early Wednesday morning 23rd January, my doctor comes in for the morning round and he sees me sitted down and having breakfast and he said something that I will never forget. He said, “Cynthia is that you? I still cannot believe that you pulled through! medically you were not supposed to, your a miracle.” Instantly I knew I had to give credit to the one who did it for me and His name is Jesus Christ! I told doc, “it is Jesus who has done this for me.” And so I go ahead and ask him to explain to me what happened. He said that the tear I got next to my uterus was causing bleeding and every time they tried to stitch it while in the operating room, blood would gash out and splash, making it unable to stitch, he also said, “Cynthia you bled so much that your clotting system got finished and blood could not clot and that is why is was coming out.”Then he asked me, do you remember what you learnt in science about gabions, and I said yes. Then he said, thats exactly what we were trying to do inside your body so that blood would stop flowing, and that is why they had to give me platelets and plasma, as my body had completely run out of it.

My mum told me that at one point during surgery, the doctors came out and explained to my husband and family that if everything failed, they would have to remove my uterus to save my life, and obviously they were given the green light to do everything possible. Two of my pastor friends when they heard that I had being taken to theater were each shown a vision of a casket and they cancelled the spirit of death. Another friend had a dream and she saw my mother crying and she didn’t understand why, but she prayed. The Holy Spirit of God opened the eyes of people and made them pray for things they weren’t even able to understand, case in point there was a friend who confessed saying he was praying that I would have enough blood, why he did that, he couldn’t explain. I thank God because so many people woke up in the middle of the night and prayed for me and it is because of these prayers that I made it out alive and victorious.

But the enemy wasn’t happy with everything that was happening, hence 24th January, Thursday night I had a creepy encounter. I was sleeping and so was baby in his tiny small bed. I literally felt someone lifting me up but I couldn’t see them, and the room was filled with such an eerie creepy feeling. I immediately cancel every attack against my life and that of my child as I call upon the name that is above every other name. Now this is the strangest part, I couldn’t see with my physical eyes, but I could feel the evil presence moving away, whoever it was, invisible, but I felt their evil presence move and leave my room and I slept like a baby.


Why have I written my story? because a miracle happened in my life and I was given a second chance to life. Ever since this encounter happened, my whole life has changed and I value life now more than ever! To be able to walk on your own, to stand in the shower and bath yourself, and the simplest of it all, to go to washroom and relieve yourself are the smallest of things that we take for granted, but when I couldn’t do any of these, I felt like I was nagging all the nurses who were taking care of me, and it made me feel helpless! Never in my life have I ever felt so useless and powerless! not having control of my own urine and having to walk around with a catheter. Having needles all over your hands and oxygen to help you breath! But who is like the Lord? He literally gave me a second chance to life, a second chance so that I can testify of His goodness. He spared my life and that of my son for a reason, my purpose is not yet accomplished, He has something great in store for me.

Today we’re here, tomorrow we’re not! While He grants you this precious breath called life, live for Him! Serve Him and bring Him Glory.

Up from the ashes, hope will arise
Death is defeated, the King is alive! The King is alive in me!

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