Jesus, the name that saves!

Many years back when I was young, I used to have very bad nightmares, they were so bad, that I would fall from my bed, scream at the top of my lungs and my parents would come and find that I have fallen down from the double decker bed. I used to get chocked, I couldn’t breath, and when I woke up, you could clearly see marks on my neck, which were a sign of what happened the previous night. All my childhood life, I lived in fear, I was afraid of anything and everything, nothing used to make sense. I didn’t understand, why me out of all my sisters had to be tormented at night, and it was real. My mum used to pray for me, she took me to different pastors to be prayed for, I went for so many prayer meetings as a child that at some point, I become confused. I didn’t understand why God wouldn’t release me from all this pain. As a child I didn’t know that if I called on His name, it would save me.

One day I woke up and I had the most ugly, dreadful wound on my face just next to my nose and mouth. It was so bad, that I had to walk around covering my face, the doctors couldn’t heal me, they didn’t even understand how it came about. When I went to school, everyone mocked me, they laughed at me and made all sorts of jokes, It hurt so badly, and so I didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t want to face people, and I remember my parents and family were always supportive, but it hurt so badly deep inside me. One day a powerful evangelist came to our country, his name was Reinhard Bonke and he was going to have a crusade. My mother, being the believer that she was, planned for us to attend the crusade, and we went. I was young but to this day, I still remember the many crowds of people that were there, and so the preacher started preaching and afterwards, he made an alter call for people to come and get saved and they went. Then he made an alter call for everyone who was sick to go to the front, we were so many, that we couldn’t all fit at the front, and so he said that we should remain where we were, as he prayed. He asked everyone to lay their hands on where they were sick and believe in God. I was tired of being called names, and so the only thing I had left was belief in God, and so I laid my hand on my wound and he prayed for us. Immediately he said amen, and I removed my hand from my face, everyone around me started crying, they just kept pointing to my face and didn’t say anything, its like they were shocked, I didn’t understand and so I placed my hand to see what was happening. I was healed, I didn’t have the nasty wound anymore, my face was smooth, I was normal again all thanks to God. Mum, couldn’t stop crying, my miracle was instant, it was like the twinkling of an eye, thats the God we serve. We went home and everyone was amazed and happy for me, my dad particularly wanted to know who made his daughter well, and he gave his life to Christ later on.

So am healed, and am back to school again, but when night time reaches, the nightmares didn’t go away. I lived a life of fear, I saw so many evil things and whenever I told my parents, they thought I was crazy, or I must have exaggerated, but I know what I saw and it was real. Fast forward and am now a teenager, and this particular night I was sleeping next to my sister who follows me. I had a dream whereby I remember seeing this huge tall man, he was so tall I couldn’t see his face and he was wearing what seemed like metal armour, and he stood there in my room, not moving not going anywhere, then he started coming towards me like to attack me and I screamed JESUS. What I saw next, was the most incredible thing I have ever seen, I saw Light that was so bright, it was blinding and it caused this man to not see me anymore and he was covering his eyes for he couldn’t see, and then he vanished. I woke up, my sister was there, still sleeping, and I was panting so heavily. I prayed to God to give me peace, and I slept like a baby in his arms. When I told the story, they didn’t believe me……..

When I look back now, I know God was there with me, if it wasn’t for Him, I don’t think that I would still be alive. The enemy wanted to destroy me at an early age, but GOD kept me! I couldn’t see it then, but I see it now, those many nights when I fell, I didn’t break a bone, I didn’t even get a bruise. When I was being strangled, the devil could have killed me, but GOD kept me alive. Today I want to tell the whole world, that my God saved me from nightmares, He delivered me and I no longer have them. I no longer have Fear, that crippled me and made me be afraid of being left alone in the house, GOD SAVED ME. The same way that He did for me, He will do for you, so even when it seems as if He’s not there, Trust me, He is! He never leaves our sight, He fights for us, battles that are unseen, don’t loose hope, keep the FAITH


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