Dealing with hurt

So I find a friend of mine crying and I get concerned and ask her what was wrong, and that’s when all the tears flowed down her cheeks. She had been hurt by another person, who according to her, just kept picking on her for no apparent reason. I knew I couldn’t have a pity party with her and so I told her, in this world we are living in you will always find people who will hate you, love you, despise you all at the same time. Those who love you, will truly love you, those who hate and despise you, will also do it passionately like they are on a mission and if they don’t accomplish it, they too will get punished for not hating you they way they should have. Then there are some that pretend to love you, pretend to be there for you, but they are just that ‘Pretenders,’ and we all know what they say about pretenders, ‘pretenders are worse than murderers,’ which is true, you’d rather have someone tell it to you on your face, than someone pretending to like you and is for you, while they are truly backstabbing you, such is LIFE!!

However, the truth of the matter is this, the day that you don’t have a hater, there two things involved, 1 your either dead, or 2 Jesus Christ has come back, and you are in Heaven period! Therefore what do you do? They say keep your friends closer and your enemies closer! Don’t show your enemies and the people that hurt you that your hurt, if you do then they will know that they have won, instead toughen up. Personally when I get hurt, I normally keep quiet and digest the matter, if its someone close to me, I will let them know that they hurt me, but if its a hater, or an enemy, that doesn’t make me loose any sleep! There was a time it did and I used to cry, but then I realised, whatever they said was just words, which go through one ear and into the other, they don’t stick to your body, they don’t define who you are they are but just “words,” yes they can be painful, but they are still words, which are not permanent. The only words that are still alive and active in our lives are the Words of Christ, everything else has passed and will pass. The Holy Spirit of God has been a friend and a good companion, He comforts, He heals the broken heart and gives you a peace that is indescribable. When you get hurt, talk to Him, let Him know exactly how your feeling, He is the only one who is in the business of dealing with broken hearts, and all who go to Him, always come back healed, He has been tried and tested.

Our bodies are but a shell that holds our spirit, soul and the fleshy part of us which is the physical body. People will hurt the physical body, but they can never touch or hurt the spirit and the soul, only God can do that. Every time you hurt another person, or even in your daily lives, ask yourself this question, am I also hurting God by the way I live my life? When we live sinful lives, He is hurt because, He wants all His children to come to Him, and have an everlasting life in Him. God doesn’t want to see anyone perish, thats why He sent His one and only Son to die for us. Remember when you hate and do evil things on another person, you are hurting another child of God. Repent and do what is right, if you don’t the one who is able to destroy both body and soul, will pass judgement on you and it aint pretty!!

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