Put Your Trust In God & Not Man

Imagine for 1minute if we could all be the same, as in if we were all to be called Cynthia (or your name). Imagine living in a world whereby its you and you alone, and many other you. How boring could it be? Everywhere you go, you see a replica of yourself? No challenge at all. You can’t even say, when I grow up I want to be like so and so, simply because you admire this person and would want to become like them.

CG 2.png

God has made us all so unique in His own way. Each one of us has his or her own distinctive features, that make you special,  that make you, YOU. Nobody can do you, the way you do! So quite trying to be someone your not, trying to be something that you can’t be. Or trying to live your life to impress others, the only person you need to live your life for is Christ period! !

In our diffences, we all need each other, it’s the circle of life. But at times when you need help from your neighbour or friend and it doesn’t come what do you do? Yet you can’t force them to help you.

You let go, and let GOD. When we surrender totally and wholly to God, He takes charge and control of our lives. Whoever you thought is the person you needed the most, God shows you, they weren’t and God brings in your life people who will help you, people who will be there for you, people who matter! So when your friends let you down, it’s not the end of the world, but the beginning of God’s purpose for your life. Your world is not falling apart, its falling into place, into His plans. His strength is made perfect when we are weak. Lay at His feet, all that your clinging onto, all your crowns, pride and failures, because His Grace is sufficient for you.



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