Picture this; Jesus with His clique of 12 disciples and how they used to be. Who was the loudest? who loved food more than anyone else? who loved making jokes? We all know that in our circle of friends, there is always a foodie, there is always one who never keeps quiet and likes disturbing the rest, while there is yet another who’s always laughing at everything even if it doesn’t make any sense to them. That said, I presume even the disciples had a share of diversity here and there. 

Jesus was a busy guy always teaching, so one day after a long day’s work, He and His disciples hop on a boat to cross to the other side of the lake. Everything is going on well, the sea is calm, nothing to worry about, so the disciples let their master sleep and relax. After a while, there is a storm and the boat is rocking faster than they anticipated, obviously fear sets in. This scene always plays in my mind in a different way, am hanging out with my friends and then trouble comes, but unfortunately the ‘strongest’ among us is fast asleep, not even realizing what is happening. Back in the days, when I used to go clubbing, there was always someone who had to be there, that was our tom boy! We always had to have a lady with us, who was tough like a boy, such that whenever we went out and boys tried to harass   us in any way, our tom boy friend would show them, that we were not to be bullied and we could take them on any time, hahaha, those were the days! 

That said, I picture the same scenario here, yes the boat is rocking, yes it might have being raining cats and dogs and even mices, but hey, why did they wait until the storm was more than they could bare, before they woke Jesus up? I mean, how now? You have the Savior of the world inside your boat, and your still afraid? how? But guess what? we aren’t any different from the disciples, this is the story of our lives! this is exactly what we do when we go through storms. Storms have always being with us, if your just coming out of one, another person is getting into their storm, while yet another is in the middle of their storms. But why do we just like the disciples not realize that Jesus is there right beside us, all we have to do is call on His name? We just don’t know what we have do we? we just don’t know who we have inside of us, nor the power that He possess?


So finally, the disciples call on Jesus, telling Him that they are dying, How do you die when God is right next to you? Jesus wakes up and says, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and waves, and it was completely calm Matthew 8:26. At this the disciples are beyond amazement and they asked among themselves, “what kind of man is this? even the winds and the waves obey Him?” v27. Jesus had power over nature then, and He has power over your storms now. Are you in a storm? are the winds rocking you so much that your boat is almost capsizing? Have you called on the most powerful name on earth? Or are you trying to handle it all by yourself? Have you ever had moments whereby you had ‘little faith,’ moments whereby for less than a minute, you doubted if God can actually do it? or even moments when you thought God had forgotten you?

There are moments in life we keep to ourselves and while at it, we shut down on everyone around us even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Its at these moments that we think we are okay, we think that we can handle everything all by ourselves, but who are we kidding? who are we lying to? only ourselves!! Its in these times that our minds overthink and paranoia sets it, and every time we look around us, we don’t see people who can help us, but rather we look around and see enemies; because this is the devil that is at work. He doesn’t want us to get help, he wants us to sink deeper and deeper in thoughts, leading to depression, which can make one commit suicide!

Nobody said life would be easy, no they didn’t but guess what, God gave us His one and only Son to walk with us through this life. Every storm, every movement He has always being there, He has seen every tear, He sees every thought whether good or bad and He always speaks to us through His Holy Spirit. Do we listen? or do we assume that He’s not around and so He doesn’t care. Just as the disciples were in the boat with Jesus, but they didn’t call on His name until things got too fuzzy! Is it the same with you? Your in a storm, but instead of calling on His name, you still want to prove that you can make it on your own! who are you kidding? Freely God gave us His Son, freely we are allowed to approach the Throne of God and give our petitions, question is are we doing it? 

It doesn’t mean that since Jesus is in the same boat as you, that you will not get storms! Storms will come, what He does is this; to hold and lead us through the storm until we get out of it. He gives peace that no man can give, its indescribable. I often say, if it wasn’t for Jesus, I would have lost my mind a very long time ago. I have being through storms, some that I thought I wouldn’t make it, I knew I was done, kapish!! But who is like Jehovah? who? He’s done it for me, He can do it for you, all you have to do is to call on His name! just call on the most powerful in the universe, JESUS CHRIST. 

Father even as I go through yet another storm, I trust in you, I believe in you, that you are holding my hand and you will hide me under your wings and get me to the other side and I will emerge victorious. Jesus I believe in you!!

When the going gets tough, Jesus keeps you moving forward and keeps you totally sane!!


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