Max is a boy who got into the occult at a very young age. Maybe because he was lured into it by the luxurious things that he got, everything he’d ever dreamed of he got. Max comes from a poor family, they lived in the slums, he’s an only child and both his parents struggled so that they could put food on the table. There were days he went to school and there were days he didn’t because there was no fees to pay for his tuition.

His parents loved him very much and Max knew it all too well. He always kept saying that he would work hard so that one day he could provide for his parents a better house and better living conditions than what they had, and so Max took the easier way out. One day he met a man who told him he could change his life and make his dreams a reality. At first Max didn’t know how this man knew him, but that didn’t matter because his itchy ears heard exactly what he wanted to hear, succeed and get out of the slums! Well, truth be said, there is no one who doesn’t want to succeed, the only difference is usually in how to get to the end. Most people usually say that the end usually justifies the means, meaning that they can and will do anything to get whatever they need to succeed, sad but its the reality.


Max started getting gifts from his new friend and in particular he got a watch, very luxurious, but one that would tell his new friend exactly where Max was and what he was doing. That didn’t matter to Max, after all everything else was going on great, so he didn’t care. Max became a loner, started keeping to himself and behaving funny, however he’s parents didn’t know what to do about it and since they had no educational background, they let him be. He finished his primary and just when he was about to go to secondary school, the real test of the free gifts that  he’d being receiving now became a reality. Max was asked to sacrifice his one and only mother, he was in shock and this is where he started asking questions as to what was really happening and why this ‘so called friend’ would ask him to sacrifice his mum. This did not make any sense to Max and so he declined. His friend told him to think about it, because sacrificing his mum was the only way that apparently he could go to the next level in the occult.

Max became confused, and this is the time that he realized what he had gotten himself into, however he was in too deep. A case that we always find ourselves in every other day. Max’s case was different yes, however, don’t we do things that leave jaws wide opened? It always starts like a joke, with a sip of alcohol and soon we are drunkards who cannot control themselves. It starts with a puff and we end up being drug addicts trying to get out but just don’t know how to.

Max knew that he couldn’t sacrifice his own mother, and so he decided to sort for help. He spoke to a friend and poured his heart out. Max was prayed for and he gave his life to Christ, however, things were just getting started. Now his life was on the line and he was being followed everywhere he went. Sad to say but, Max lost his life, however, just before he did, he shared on how happy he was because even if he had made bad decisions in the past, he now a new person in Christ and he was free indeed.

Are you free? free from things that hold you at ransom? Seeing your life as meaningless hence walking around empty and without hope? Well you don’t have to! There is one person who is knocking on the door of your heart patiently waiting for the day you will open and He will come in. His name is Jesus Christ. The best thing about Jesus is that He aint manipulative, He doesn’t force Himself unto anyone of us! Its all up to us to make that decision and when we do, He comes in and lives in us. Today if you hear HIs voice, do not harden your heart, This is the day of salvation.

Be Blessed!!

Stay Blessed

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