Is your body an Avatar?

I love watching movies and If I was to make any similarity of a movie to our lives/bodies then it would have to be the Avatar movie. How you might ask? hold on and let me explain.

I have watched the Avatar movie over 6 times! yes 6 times and I never get bored with it and mark you, it’s 2hrs 42mins to be precise. The film which was released in 2009 had a budget of $237 million, while at the box office sales reached an astonishing $2.7 billion! Imagine that wow!! I don’t want to get into the details of the movie, but in a nutshell, the humans in the avatar movie couldn’t live in pandora, without the avatar body and if you tried you wouldn’t even last 5 minutes, because the air wasn’t conducive for humans,  however the avatar body made it possible!

I don’t know about you, but there were times that I felt as if my body was just an avatar, and not my real body, something that had being loaned to me for a short time, haven’t we all? The real you is fighting battles from the inside, your wounded, crippled, but to the outside world you are living in Pandora, a perfect world whereby everything seems to be perfect including yourself. However, when night time comes, the avatar body comes out and you have to face your fears, reality sinks in, the struggling you! the pained you! but when morning comes, your back to showbiz business and the avatar body is back on displaying an image of perfection!


Very few people talk or share of what they are going through, we hide our feelings, we shy away from sharing because we don’t want people to think about us differently, we want people to look at us and see perfection in all its essence. Most of us believe that if we share our struggles with others, then they would judge and think of us differently, so we hide! We hide our pain, we hide our sorrow, we get so focused in hiding our struggles that we forget to live! and when we don’t live, we don’t get to maximize our full potential!

Why do we do that? put on an avatar image that displays strength and perfection, while our true self is wounded damaged and crying out for help from the inside. One thing I know is that people are afraid of the unknown, and when fear comes in, it paralyses us creating immobility to do anything. But have you ever tried to do something you were afraid of? something that made you get chills? how did it feel like? it must have felt exhilarating, knowing that you have conquered your fears. So what exactly are we afraid of? shame? humiliation? embarrassment?

Thats exactly where the enemy wants us to stay, in our shameful state and never talk about anything that we go through, he wants us to continue staying in our avatar bodies hiding all that we go through. For how long? Why did Jesus die on the cross? why did He have to go through so much humiliation and pain? He did that so that me and you can walk a life of freedom, knowing who we are in Christ. The truth is whenever we make mistakes we are filled with guilt and shame, that is normal because it makes us realize that we have blundered!

Take this for example, we’ve all carried excess baggage at some point or another, but immediately we talked to someone, it felt as if that weight came off? We all have had those moments when it felt like we were carrying the whole world on our shoulders, thinking we were Jesus and that we could handle it all, shock on us! He’s the only one certified, tried and tested to carry out such kind of weight, because He is God. I don’t know about you whenever I keep to myself, I feel like I could loose my mind and go completely bonkas! but the minute I addressed the issues at hand, prayed to God and shared with my best friend, then I would feel like the load had being taken off.

Today, you have a choice to either continue living your life in an avatar body, pretending to be living in pandora, or you have a choice to face whatever situation that is facing you and deal with it. Dealing with your issues isn’t putting them on the shelf, no it is trying to solve them. Some issues in life will need to be addressed head on, otherwise, they may pop in again later because we didn’t solve, we just shelved.

Jesus Loves you! remove your mask and let Him handle you….


  1. Chills galore.. I love reading your blogs my dear.. Makes me think this lady is seeing through me.. Thank you for always blessing me.. When I realised that having a confidant someone who sees u for you someone who never judges u, is a blessing, I went full blown and let go. I am blessed that I have her. At times rejection and pain makes us get scared to share our inner most fears. Mostly in Christian faith we judge alot. When I look back at how much I have hidden in me and how it felt great to let go and live, I realised the devil is a liar.. Nkt. Am loved by God and no lie will change that.. Thanks ma

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    1. Yes we judge a lot, but God has called us to be compassionate and understanding just as He is towards us! Lots of love babe 😍😍😍😍


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