Letting go!!

So I made a mistake once or twice! heck I don’t know how many times, so what? who hasn’t made a mistake? who in this life never had a flaw, or any sort of imperfections! The problem however, is that, we never forgive ourselves for the past mistakes which we did, which means whenever another person reminds us of our past we go back to where we were! we go back to ‘I can’t’, ‘am not worthy’, ‘am nothing’! and with that, we let people trample all over us! Does it mean that its easy to forget? no its not! in fact its hard to forget, because some mistakes that we do or did follow us even into our future! Example, someone who used to drink so heavily that they got into an accident and maybe broke their limbs, or worse still got their limbs amputated. Whenever they look at themselves, it brings back all the memories, all the shame! “what if I didn’t drink, wouldn’t I still be having my two legs or my two hands?” Guilt is something that if not worked on can even lead to depression or worse still suicide.

One thing that we all need to do in life is forgive ourselves! Forgive ourselves for our silly mistakes! forgive ourselves for the past which we can’t change or even go back to! Jesus died on the cross for us, for all our sins, He didn’t choose which sins to forgive and which ones not to!  no, He died for all. Meaning there is no greater sin than the other and the most comforting part of it all is that He forgave us even before we came into existence. I love what Paul writes in the book of Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Before Paul converted into a Christian, he was a mean guy! he persecuted christians, he accused people falsely, I honestly think he used to be a sadist, deriving pleasure in inflicting pain. However, on the contrary God saved him and Paul becomes the one person who wrote most books of the Holy Bible, 12 to be precise! If he allowed condemnation to settle in, would he have done it? no I don’t think so!

So why do we keep condemning ourselves? why do we keep beating ourselves up for things that happened in the past? We are our own worst enemies and unfortunately, with our own condemnation, we give the enemy power over our lives, we give him a foothold! Because we never forgave ourselves, guilt has become part and parcel of us! like a nasty wound that never goes away and just when its about to get completely healed or dried up, acid is poured onto it! burning and destroying even more! That’s exactly what self condemnation and guilt does to us, opening up wounds (sins) that are of the past and bringing them to the future and if we allow ourselves to wallow in these, then it becomes part of our daily lives! living life like people who are walking dead! walking wounded!

Self pity, undervaluing ourselves, self condemnation, they all lead to broken marriages, broken friendships why? because we always think that the people, who are in our lives are there to judge us and condemn us for our past. This leads us to not appreciating what we have and eventually letting go of what could have being great! So what do we do? how can we get help? One thing that has worked for me over the years is reassuring myself of the love of God in my life! Reminding myself that even if the whole world hates me, there is one person who loves me, appreciates me and died for me. That one person is greater than everyone combined in the universe. But then again you might ask, even if God is for you, and loves you, He can’t physically walk with you for all to see, and so you are still relatively alone! Well ask yourself this question, “why would I want to physically walk with 10,000 people who aren’t for me, or for my interests, and be ashamed of one person who’s always being with me from the beginning? why? Its a tough decision to make, but one that we all need to make, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour over our lives!

We need to love ourselves, because if we don’t, then it will show even to the world. Let go of the past, let go of the pain and hurt! Learn to forgive even if its your worst enemy you know why? Unforgiveness can and will take you to hell!

Everyone is different, some people meditate to let off stress! others will sing and do extra curricular activities, but truth is, if you haven’t delt with the issue at hand, you have just pushed it aside. Face your mountains! face your mountains knowing that Jesus got your back, He will never leave you nor forsake you! He will never condemn you of your imperfections and the best part is, His strength is made perfect when we are weak.


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