One Year Anniversary!!

Well, well well!! Its exactly a year since I started my blog and I must admit it has being an amazing journey. 75 followers on Word press, 169 posts published from March 2016 until now!

When I started, I didn’t know I would get to here, but I have and truth is, its not my own doing, but it has being by the Grace of God! At times my mind would go completely blank and I didn’t have anything to write, but when I stopped thinking on what I wanted to write, and depended on what He wanted me to write, then it flowed, and it flowed easily.

Its being a learning experience all through, reading from other blogs and seeing the remarkable things that God is doing in different lives from all over the world, that’s when you realise that we serve an amazing God! I mean when you begin to fathom what God can do or what He has done, then you will be absolutely stunned! Have I become better as a writer? I don’t know what the rest think, but I definitely have seen growth everyday.

Writing for me is a passion, its a way that I express my love and feelings for my God and show the world what Jesus has done, can do and will do! I chose to blog about my God because, well first and foremost, Jesus has never being ashamed of me, nope! He’s loved me from the beginning so why shouldn’t I do the same? reciprocate and just tell the whole world who He is and He’s saving grace? Personally I believe that everyday that passes by, we learn, we grow, and since time doesn’t wait for anyone, I desire and pray that everyday that He keeps me alive, I will always live for Jesus and talk about Him, try and make the world a better place to be than I found it! make peace with everyone, smile more, love more like Him because that is the great commission that we have being called to do!

Happy Anniversary to my blog! Here’s to more blogging and sharing the word of God!!

  1. Happy Anniversary with!
    You registered on one year ago.
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.


  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! 🙂 Very happy to have crossed paths with your blog as it sounds like we are on similar paths. I have recently decided to not be shy about my faith anymore and talk about it through my blog and like you, I have a passion for writing and since I have turned my writing to God, I can’t write enough! Lol it’s never been so easy 🙂 God Bless ❤

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