She’s walking down the streets on a cold Monday morning, its still dark and eerie, not much movement can be seen. The confidence she has is that, these are the same lighted up streets she’s grown up to and so, why would she be afraid? All of a sudden, from a distance she sees a faint... Continue Reading →


This past weekend my two boys came over to sleep in my room as their father had travelled, excited they were sleeping with mummy again, we even went to bed early. Hardly 10 minutes had gone before I realised they had already turned and were now sleeping @quarter past position and am like what did I... Continue Reading →

Letting go!!

So I made a mistake once or twice! heck I don’t know how many times, so what? who hasn’t made a mistake? who in this life never had a flaw, or any sort of imperfections! The problem however, is that, we never forgive ourselves for the past mistakes which we did, which means whenever another... Continue Reading →

One Year Anniversary!!

Well, well well!! Its exactly a year since I started my blog and I must admit it has being an amazing journey. 75 followers on Word press, 169 posts published from March 2016 until now! When I started, I didn’t know I would get to here, but I have and truth is, its not my own... Continue Reading →

Lights on! Lights off

When I was a kid, and we travelled at night with my father, I always used to ask him why he drove with the lights inside the car off. It always perplexed me that they were off, yet we normally need light to see. And I remember my dad used to tell me, if he... Continue Reading →

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