She’s walking down the streets on a cold Monday morning, its still dark and eerie, not much movement can be seen. The confidence she has is that, these are the same lighted up streets she’s grown up to and so, why would she be afraid? All of a sudden, from a distance she sees a faint image of someone or something moving towards her, it shouldn’t alarm her, right? Or should it? She slows down a bit in her efforts to compose herself, then starts walking as fast as she can to reach home quickly.

As the image drew closer and closer, her heart stopped racing for she saw, that it was a child in school uniform, rushing to go to school. She walks past him and continues with her journey home. Morning light is quickly settling in and the cool air breeze makes her shiver with cold, as she continues walking, she hears some noises from behind and in her curiosity, she looks behind. A group of young men talking loudly are walking towards her, in fear, she starts running, stumbles on a rock and falls to the ground. At this point she is scared stiff of the young men who are coming from behind her, she wasn’t sure if they will try and abuse her, but she realises she has hurt her ankle and can barely move! She had heard stories of how young men in her estate, had abused young girls, stolen money and mobile phones or worse still if you didn’t have anything on you, they would physically assault you. Will this happen to her? she didn’t have any money on her, nor did she carry her mobile, after all she was just escorting her mother to the bus stop to catch the early morning bus, didn’t think it was necessary to carry anything. What to do, except to compose herself and stop overthinking everything! heck maybe these young men would even help her?

She gathers courage and as the young men get closer to her, she asks them for help and one of them gives her his hand and helps her to rise up. She struggles, but as she comes up, her eyes got to see the strangest, yet greatest thing in the sky! The young man asks her if she could walk back home and if she needed help, but to his shock, she continues to gaze into the sky, eyes locked! not moving. The other young men stop and everyone starts looking into the sky.  The young lady now gets down on her knees, starts praying loudly and crying at the top of her voice asking God to forgive her for her sins! Crowds start gathering, no one understands her, they think she’s crazy, but she’s not, she has seen the most incredible thing her eyes have ever seen! but no one else can see it except her. She prays and ask God to open the eyes of the crowd that they may behold the Glory of God! It happened exactly the same way that God opened Balaam’s eyes to see the Angel who was on the road, the eyes of the people around were opened and everyone was amazed!

Some took pictures, some took videos, while still others, started calling and knocking on the doors of neighbours so that everyone could have a glimpse of this amazing sight…. “I AM COMING SOON” those were the writings in the sky, written in huge handwriting! you couldn’t miss it. Selfies! Live FB notifications! Instagram! Snap chat! name it….. the internet went crazy with posts, friends were being tagged and they all acclaimed, “IS THIS THE WRITING OF JESUS ”?, while others went on to say that the handwriting that was used in the time of Daniel, was now with them. It didn’t stop there, more and more messages kept appearing in the sky, “REPENT”, “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.” However, the saddest part was, all seemed like a big joke! none of them took it serious, all that mattered was “who would take a photo/selfie with the next message that came and post it first. Then all of a sudden the messages stopped, the sky become dark and the buildings came to life, moving and crushing people! creatures from underground took possession, everyone was running helter skelter! none was safe. Then it dawns on them, the end has come, but guess what, your not ready and you have absolutely no where to hide, you’ve being exposed!!

All the FB messages you sent don’t matter now! all the beautiful Instagram photos you took are now useless! nothing you ever built is important, your world has come crumbling down and you didn’t know it would be this soon! This generation needs an awakening! this generation needs to wake up to reality and stop living life as if tomorrow will never come.

Well, the Handwriting is on the wall and the truth is this, “JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON”, are you ready for HIM? Are your garments washed in HIS Blood? Are you living for Jesus? or are you living life oblivious of everything around you? The truth of the matter is that, if you live your life without Christ, you are spiritually dead! and that is the bitter truth!! your walking on the face of the earth, but dead to reality! It doesn’t have to be like this, no it doesn’t. You can live your life to the fullest and still walk with Jesus! They claim salvation is boring! it aint fun! well, one of these days, we will know who’s life will be boring than the other! Eternal Life with Jesus Christ, or eternal fire in Hell, this is what it all comes down to. Which one will you choose? I choose Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Choose Jesus! Choose Life!!



  1. I choose Christ I choose Christ..
    I pray that I live a life that is pure and I am right with Him and His will..
    Amen ..
    May God open my eyes to see and my ears to hear all that He says .

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