Lights on! Lights off

When I was a kid, and we travelled at night with my father, I always used to ask him why he drove with the lights inside the car off. It always perplexed me that they were off, yet we normally need light to see. And I remember my dad used to tell me, if he put the inside lights of the car on, he wouldn’t be able to see the road properly, especially when it’s dark. And so I grew up knowing that this is how it’s supposed to be, yet not so fully understood it. So yesterday am driving home and I remembered what my dad used to say and that’s when it actually clicked.
When two cars on opposite direction both put on their full lights, it can cause accidents, because the light is blinding to the drivers causing them to suave and or get off the road. That means one driver has to dim their lights. Same case if you put on the inside lights of your car, you wouldn’t be able to see properly, and so you will have to switch off the inside lights for you to see the outside properly.

Now the cars on the road are our lives. Jesus is the light of the world, His light shows us the way. Though sometimes we like to put on our own inside lights, which aren’t even bright enough. When we do this, we find that we get off the road, we loose control in our lives, because we can’t see the roads properly. What we need to do is switch off our lights, so that the bright light of Jesus Christ can light up our ways and we can see properly. When God lights up your way, even when it’s raining heavily, even when there is a storm on your road, you will still see so clearly and you will stay on His course and you will not steer away. On the other hand, when the light of God isn’t leading you, you will be led astray by your own dim lights, or by the oncoming vehicles who will make you steer off the course. So which light will you choose? Your own light? Or the Light of the world, who is Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world?

Don’t be fooled by the coloured lights that are on the cars of other vehicles on your way. They look all fancy, all musical, for them it’s all glitz and glam, while yours is just one bright light that may look boring! They will reach their destination, and their lights will switch off forever, while yours (that seemed boring) will continue showing the way to life everlasting!

Remember all that glitters, isn’t gold!
Switch off your lights, so that you may see the true light of God!


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