Eye on the Price!!

If your taking a lift to 15th floor, you wouldn’t get tired; why? Because you only pressed a button and the electric power force of the lift, took you all the way up. Now imagine if you had to walk all 15 floors, by the time you get to the 7th floor, you would be panting heavily and you would even have to stop to catch your breath as you climb up. By the time you climb all 15 floors and you reach to the top, you will be tired, all sweaty, however,  you would have attained your goal and your purpose!

Hard work usually feels like your climbing up the stairs, your working so hard, day and night to make ends meet. Sometimes you reach the middle of the way and you feel that you want to give up! Your tired of struggling, tired of trying to climb up, yet your not reaching your goals. It feels like you’ve come to the end of the road. It’s usually hardest when your almost to the finishing line, feels like your using most of your energy and your drained, both physically and emotionally.

Don’t give up! Keep pushing more  and keep going up; your almost there! Some will overtake you as you climb up, but you may find them at the 10th floor and overtake them. They were only going up to a certain level, but you want to go further, that means you have to push even further. And when you reach your destination, you will find rest, you will find peace! Don’t be fooled by the ones using the lift to get to their destination, the same way they went up is the same way, they will go down! Hard work pays off, so keep pushing!

As you climb up, as you struggle, even when your about to give up, remember that Jesus has never left your sight, He is with you every step of the way. He climbs with you, He will wipe away the tears of disappointments, He will renew your strength and give you beauty for ashes. When you get to the top, when you archive what you have longed so much to archive remember this, it was not by your might but His, it was not by your strength but His, It was not by your will but His Spirit at work within us. Give God all the Glory, for He truly deserves it.

And may He who begun a good work in you, be faithful to bring it to completion, to the Glory and Honour of Christ Jesus.

Fix your eyes on the price!


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