Perfect Timing!

Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I Recently went for a pool birthday party and my boys were so excited to swim. The older one is a good swimmer but the younger one still uses his floaters, though he has gained confidence enough to go to the deep end while with his floaters. It was a bright and shinny day and while the children were having fun in the water, the grown ups were eating scrumptious food and laughing away at each others jokes. I suddenly hear my cousin asking if my son was okay, and when I looked over, out of the excitement from the jumping in the water, my son had drifted from the shallow end onto the deep end and he didn’t have any floaters with him. I instantly get into mummy super save mode and I jump into the water fully clothed with shoes and all that I had with me to save my son; got hold of him, carried him out of danger and into safety. I was shaken, he was shaken, why wouldn’t he, he drunk a few glasses of water, it could have been worse, but by the Grace of God it wasn’t. After he calms down, you’d think he would be afraid of the water, but no! he goes straight back in and continues swimming with his brother and cousins.

This is how our lives are, we are swimming in the shallow ends of life, everything is fun and easy and everyone is all around you. Your jumping up and down, laughing away at each others jokes, and after sometime you realise your in trouble, your feet aren’t on the ground and you can’t see properly, everything around you is drifting and moving too fast.  These are the moments that Jesus jumps into the waters and swims you back to safety, and soon after that, your back into the waters, trying to find your way home. When you become a good swimmer, you won’t need any floaters, you will not need anyone carrying you out of the deep waters and you will swim perfectly even with strong currents in the deep waters. Why? because we serve a God who knows when we can and when we can’t do it, we serve a God who knows when we are ready to go forward or when we aren’t. When we aren’t ready to go forward, even when we push hard enough and go without His help, we drown, we can’t find our own way. However, when we are ready he releases us because we have known our ground, and now we swim to even more deeper waters.

Does this mean that we shouldn’t try even when we fail? no off course not, we need to keep trying even when we fail flat! What we need to know is that God’s timing is always perfect! He will rescue you just when you need to be rescued, and not any minute late. If He allows you to go through any tough season, it is because He knows that you will eventually find your feet and stand strong, you will become a good swimmer after a few attempts here and there!

Just before I jumped in, the people around me wanted to help, but they were all confused, not knowing what they will do, put their phones down first, put their cameras away, or put on their costumes then get in! I don’t blame them, they were concerned but had their own restrictions. This is the same with our lives, when we are in trouble, people will look at us wondering and asking themselves, ‘I want to help, but how can I do it?’ or ‘I wish I could help, but I have a lot going on with me right now,’ you can’t really blame them now can you? no we can’t, however what we need to be doing is fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ because He is the only person who will never let us down! He can’t, He won’t, He’s that Faithful. Whether we are in deep waters, shallow waters, confused or just bored, every time that we call on His mighty name, He hears us and attends to our needs.

Are you drowning? call onto His Powerful name! Are you confused? call onto Him to give you His peace and calmness! Are you lonely and tired of your same boring life? call onto Jesus and allow Him to be Lord and Saviour over you, I guarantee you that your life will never ever be the same again!

Jesus is all you need!



  1. Thanks ma….I feel like I failed this past few days. But I know I have the mind and spirit of Christ within my good friend told me (thanks)..He will pull ne through this .


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