God is the one who gives us all the different gifts that we have, some of us can sing tones that no one else can, some can play music instruments, some are born leaders talented in putting people together, however, the gift that we have, we can intentionally use it to Glorify God or not.

To do something intentionally, is to do it deliberately, on purpose. We can intentionally hurt, and we can intentionally make someone happy, the choice is ours. When you intentionally hurt someone, it hurts really badly, but how do you hurt another person on purpose? someone confides in you and tells you their inner most secrets, hurts and pains that they have undergone, because they trust you, then you go out there and let the whole world know in on their secrets, off course you will hurt them. It will feel as if your heart has been cut into 2 pieces, the pain can be unbearable. Same with infidelity, arguments that don’t make sense and all these lead to unforgiveness, and you know what an unforgiving heart does, it blocks God’s blessings operating in your life.

Life is a matter of choice, you will choose what to do and what not to do, friends can only influence you, but at the end of it all, it will be your choice. However, when you look at the flip side of the coin and you deliberately and intentionally do something to make someone else happy, it brings happiness, joy and good laughter. Doing good to others brings about a feeling of completeness, even if your life is in chaos, you find peace by doing good and making others smile.

What of God? what of His plans for our lives? are they deliberate? are they intentional? the answer is yes! God knew us even before we were born, He knew what we would become.  Most people ask that if God is all knowing and all powerful, why does He allow all the bad things to happen? why does He allow people to suffer? You must understand that when God created the universe, there was no sin, everything was picture perfect. However sin came into this earth when Adam and Eve went against God’s Word, and with sin came about suffering. Some people might also say, since God knew that Eve would eat the fruit, why didn’t He stop her? The Bible says that all dominion was given to man, meaning, that from the very beginning God gave us choices to make and so He let Adam and Eve make a choice, if God had intervened and stopped Eve from eating the fruit, then we wouldn’t have been able to trust Him, we would be like, “what would have happened to the world?” God is the kind of guy who when He gives you the power and mandate to do something, doesn’t go back on His Word simply because He sees your weak! no God isn’t like man, He allows you to go through it so that you can also learn from it.

Gods plan for our lives are intentional, every pain and every hurt that you have ever gone through, if you analyse and be truthful to yourself, then you will realise that somewhere along the way you were learning something. You learnt how to let go, how to forgive, how to love and be loved, there are so many lessons that this life has to offer. Sometimes when we don’t let go of people and hold onto unforgiveness, then we don’t move on, and it seems as if we keep going round and round in circles, never moving forward. God has allowed certain things to come your way, He’s allowed you to go through the desert so that you can come out shining. Everything is working for your own good.


God created all of us differently, and He created us differently Intentionally, He knew that He would make some of us taller, or shorter. He made some of us to be bright in class, and some to be not so bright, some to be doctors, while some to be engineers and even hairdressers, businessmen, pastors, we are all made different before God. Parents, not every child can become number 1 in class, but how we encourage and keep encouraging our children is what will matter. Don’t compare your children one to the other, or even compare them to you and how you performed. Truth is, you are just but a trustee and that child has being given to you by God as a gift, your job is not to break them, but to make them.

God did not make a mistake when He made you the way you are, it is all for His Glory, However, what you do with your life, what you do with the gift that He has given you will be the determining factor.

Gods plans are Intentional, never failing Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Travis Greene – Intentional (Album Version)[Audio]


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