Behind the scenes…

Some things are easier said than done! I kid you not, its so easy to tell someone, don’t worry everything will be okay, yet you are no where close to wearing their shoes or even feel a pinch of what they are feeling. Human nature, human nature! I guess its the human nature! There’s no way that I will go to my friend and I tell them am hurting and they be like, “well just continue hurting,” even the most ignorant or oblivious person might not care but will say, “don’t worry, everything will be alright.”

Just when is it alright? Do we ever get to a point in life whereby we are 100% comfortable? Does it ever get to a point where we don’t care anymore and the worries of this life aren’t pulling us down? I honestly don’t think so! Everyday brings its own share of problems, sorrows and joy. I guess our bodies just don’t know how to be still! To be still and just chill, relax, wait! Being still doesn’t mean not doing anything? does it? No. Being still doesn’t give me the warrant to stop praying and giving thanks to God for who He is and what He has done and keeps doing in my life. Being still means not wanting things to go your own (selfish) way, but allowing God’s perfect plan to take its course.

Being still is to sail through the storm, as dark as it might be, knowing that God is right there even in the turbulent times. To be still means to know that your surroundings are rocky, but your standing on Christ’s solid rock! everything is going from bad to worse, but you haven’t given up on God, infact, you are drawing closer and closer to Him. Psalm 145:18 The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth. 

You know as a parent when your kids are sick, those who have kids know that they keep you on your toes, and you keep running up and down until they get better. They take medicine, but we want the medicine to perform a miracle and give instant results, which is impossible. Medicine takes time as it works in our systems, be it antibiotics, or any other type of drugs. Prescription might be from 5-10days, but by day 2, you will be feeling better, however, if you don’t finish the dose, it might just reoccur! The way I see Jesus working with us, is just like medicines, He has to give you the whole dose, if you take just a bit and start moving forward, chances are you will come back complaining that your still not feeling better and things aren’t okay. Just like medicines take time before we see results, same thing with God, He’s there, He’s working behind the scenes, the fact that we don’t see Him, doesn’t mean that He’s not there, or He’s not doing anything about your situation.

Our physical eyes cannot see Him, our physical hands cannot touch Him, However, the greatest battles aren’t won on the battle field, but the greatest battles are won in prayer, in silence, on our knees! He’s already seen our victory in Him even before the storms in our lives came in. God hasn’t gone on a vacation on you, no! He’s not relaxing in any way, He’s already made a way for you, way before you came into this situation, you only need to believe and let Him work!

Everyday that God wakes us up, its not for us to frown, but to reflect and say thank you! I have had my own share of flaws, times when I didn’t even pray, not because I didn’t believe, but because I allowed myself to be overwhelmed, yet God had already sent help, but I was too blind to see it, too blind to even notice. How many times have we lost our blessings because of allowing circumstances to overwhelm us? How many times has God passed us by, but we didn’t see nor feel it! Frances J. Crosby sung “Pass me Not, O Gentle Saviour,” my prayer is that we will not let the blessings of God pass us by, simple because we were too busy collecting stones!

May we find victory In Him, He’s already overcome the world on our behalf, we only need to seize the moment in Him!


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