If something or someone is always predictable, then you would know their next move, next plan why? because they have being doing things in a certain way and so you’d expect their next move to be the same as the previous. Is it really that obvious? That you’d know someone’s pattern to how they do things? I believe the answer is yes. Our weather patters are different, summer, winter, spring, rain, they all come one after the other. Usually it’s a case of after summer is winter or after winter is summer, and because we know what comes after what, we tend to be relaxed. The one who controls the times and seasons is God, and sometimes the summer is longer than what we expected it to be, or the rains come earlier than their timing, and because it is God who controls all this, then it can never be ‘that’ predictable.

The constant however is this, God’s love remains the same yesterday, today and forever, His Faithfulness is from everlasting to everlasting, His Mercies are new every morning, but there is one thing with God that no one knows, and that is His next move. We can’t pin Him down why? because Our God is not predictable. No one knows His next move, and that is what makes Him different and special. If we got used to God doing things or giving us things when we want, how we want, then He would cease to be God, He would cease to be supreme. It would now be a case of us controlling Him and demanding our needs, rather than Him giving them to us. We would become brats, who when they don’t get their way would pull tantrums here and there until we got our way. But praise be to God that He is SUPREME, He is all knowing and all powerful and He is unpredictable.

Yes you’ve prayed to Him for a promotion, for a baby, for a financial breakthrough and it seems as if its taken longer than what it should have been. The ‘gospel’ according to man would be to make plans and try and fix God in the mix, box Him up! I kid you not, ave tried to box God in a few times here and there, but truth is, it didn’t work as I had hoped it will, thats not how He operates. He made Samuel anoint David while Saul was still king, He made Joshua together with his army march around the walls of Jericho everyday for seven days, yet He had the power to hand over the canaanites over to the Israelites, but He did it different. He made Gideon defeat the Midianites with just 300 men, though at first, they were over 20,000 the Lord reduced the size! I just love the way God does things. Moses with all the Israelites at the crossing of the Red Sea, with the Egyptians right behind them, and then He parts the Sea. Imagine that, crossing a sea, with all the waters on the side – this my God I have never seen His kind!

We are predictable, but God isn’t, if He was, we would not be able to trust Him? It would be a case of, “since God worked for Martha the way He did, then He will work for Mary exactly like that! no He won’t! God is not into the business of copy pasting blessings from one person to the other. Yes both of you need a financial breakthrough, one might get it through a big promotion, yet another might get it through a friend blessing them. The way that God blesses one person, isn’t the way He blesses another. If we were able to predict God, then we wouldn’t really depend or trust in Him.

Revival meetings, prayer meetings, nothing is ever the same! the way the Spirit of God visits us today, isn’t the same it will be tomorrow, every single day His anointing is different, yet it is still the same Spirit at work within us. Today may you remember that God is still in the business of performing different kinds of miracles, different blessings, different gifts, all through the same Spirit. Unpredictable is what He is, Unpredictable miracles is what He gives us, trust Him, give Him a chance and see things from a different perspective, His perspective!

Nobody knows when He will come back again, but on this one, let Him find you ready!


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