Children are little machines, they look and walk away, however 99.9% is guaranteed that they will repeat what they saw either as a child or as an adult. Children’s brains are like recorders, they pick up everything they see and record it in their brains, then somewhere along the way, they remember what they saw, because it recorded in their minds. A child who is raised up with violence at home will either be violent when they grow up or become a person who  cannot have a relationship, why? They have never seen their parents talking like normal people, how are they supposed to get on in their relationships?

We leave our children with nannies, caregivers, people whom we assume to trust because we don’t have a choice. You have to go to work, bills have to be paid, and so most parents leave their children with nannies who look after them. In my country most of the times when you get a help, its usually a case of, a friend of a friend brought you the girl. And because we don’t have any time to do any background checks, we invite the girls in our homes. We leave our most precious asset, our children with them, some are really good, you’d think they were part of the family, but some are really bad, “nannies from hell.”

Our children need to be protected because they are innocent creatures. Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the helps, but with relatives, someone whom you trust so much, and because of the blood relation, you leave your child with them. While your out, some children get raped and they are made to keep quiet, some watch ponography but because they are watching with uncle or aunty, they assume its the right thing to do. Other children watch while their relatives have sex in front of them, while others watch on as their care givers take alcohol and drugs. A seed has being planted, a seed of ponograpghy, a seed of masturbation, a seed of violence, a seed of alcoholism, the list is endless. The seed will grow in the mind of the child as they grow up, it will be a case of I saw this somewhere, and so they do it when they are big.

The sad truth is however this, most parents do not have a close relationship with their children, and so we don’t ask our children questions of how it went down while they were at a relatives place. We assume that because its a relative, then everything must have being okay! yet your child might have being molested by their uncle/cousin and they are afraid to tell you. Haven’t we seen it all? innocent souls who have had to endure torture at the hands of a loved one, even their own fathers. They grow up with hate inside them, they are spiteful why? because while they were supposed to be protected, they were molested. That seed will grow in them and if it is not dealt with properly, the child will do exactly the same thing that happened to them.

Cartoons are not like they used to be, cartoons are now sexualised, cartoons now have illuminati symbols, the violence is too much. What is their agenda with our children? How can a cartoon have same sex living together? Its obvious they are sending a message to our children to accept and see same sex as something that is normal. I once found my kids watching a cartoon called “teen titans go,” and I sat down to watch with them, but I was shocked. So there’s this character called Raven, who happens to be a daughter of the devil, but she has come to earth and even goes to school like a normal kid. Then an ugly creature comes in (the devil) and raven is like, “dad why have you come here?” and he goes, “I got tired of sitting in hell, and decided to pay you a visit.” It was the devil himself, being proclaimed as some cool guy together with his daughter. I wanted to hear what my sons had to say, and I asked them why they were watching it and they said it was cool! You see, thats the agenda they want to create in the minds of our children, that the devil is a cool guy and he’s not bad. Well I banned that cartoon and many others that have evil agenda in my house.

Our children need protection, at the rate this world is going at, sometimes I wish I could just make everything analogue so that they can’t get reach of the internet, but I can’t and so we have to take care of what they watch. Parents learn to listen, children sometimes go round and round in circles when they are reporting someone or something, don’t brush them off, just listen, get into the conversation, ask questions and make sure they tell you all.

If you plant a good seed and keep watering, it will germinate and produce good fruits, however if you plant a bad seed, it will also germinate and produce bad fruits. Whatever surrounds our children, whatever they hear and pick up, their friends, will either make them or break them! Parents, when a child tells you they have being molested by relative and you don’t believe them or call them a lier, they will never share with you anything again. However, once a child sees and knows that you listen and you care, then you have their trust.

Now, I am not a child phycologist, but I must say I have learnt a few things here and there, from how I grew up to now, that I am raising my own two boys. Let us protect our children, they are our future generations.



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