Anyone can come up with a design or an idea and execute it very well, but when it comes to re-inventing something, you first have to have an original copy. The original will guide you, and if you want to change what was there originally, you can change. Same with events that take place in our lives, you’d say, “well I want to have a wedding just like Sally’s, though I will not do this and this.” This is someone who has borrowed an idea from someone else, but they want to make it their own, and so re-invent/re-incorporate a few of her own designs. Ask yourself this question, would you be able to re-invent something that never took place?

There have been debates, some still continue and people all over the world ask themselves this one question, Did Jesus ever come to this world? Did He walk this earth? was He born by a virgin Mary? Some believe, some don’t, some are skeptical, some aren’t, its all a case of you follow what you believe. Walter wink once said, “if Jesus had never lived, we would not have been able to invent him,” I couldn’t agree with this statement even more. If Jesus never walked on this earth, why do we have stories of Him? why are there story books, movies, books all written to describe His birth, a bit of his childhood, His baptism, His ministry and miracles and finally His death and resurrection? Jesus is the one person that has being written about by most people since time immemorial.

Now ask yourself this question, If Mahatma Gandi never walked this earth, would we have ever heard anything about him? if Martin Luther King never walked this earth, would we have ever heard anything about him? Men and women who did good things for their countries and still evil people who killed will also be remembered, why? We know their deeds, because they walked this earth, why then do people want to deny Jesus? Why would you say that the Bible is all made up? Every religion and every culture has its own past, of which some still believe in and follow. The Bible was written many years ago, and it gives an account of everything that ever happened long ago before we ever came into existence, this is what christians believe in, that said, why dismiss the Bible and Jesus and believe in Martin Luther King, yet you’ve never even met him?
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The reason why we hear stories about Jesus is because, He once walked this earth and people saw Him, experienced His love and wrote down each of their experiences. Jesus is not a myth, He is real and so today, know that He came into this earth, died for you and me, that we may have eternal life in Him. Therefore let us not be deceived by people who think they know it all, people who believe in science and the force of gravity, yet that ‘force’ must have being created by someone. Nature is beautiful when morning comes, night goes away, God has made our world to be orderly, seasons coming after seasons, because He controls it all and no day goes by without His knowledge.

The fact that Jesus is being talked about all over the world means that He was here, and still is, Through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Original Copy of God’s love for us, don’t be duped into getting anything else.



  1. You make a pertinent point. Even we who are on earth now if we do something worth talking about, it may be talked about even hundreds of years when we are gone and it will sound like a fairy tale to some people; meanwhile, it is true. If you hear about Washington, or Churchill, etc they lived in this world. I buy your point.

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