Check out her skin it’s flawless, smooth as a baby’s b*m, no blemishes no nothing! Look at her body, it’s perfect, it’s like God had the whole day when he was making her, paying attention to every detail. Handsome men, perfect look from the outside, you’d think your watching a 3D movie, the clarity is just picture perfect! Have you ever looked at some people and your jaw drops in awe? Beautiful, handsome, perfect jaw line, perfect hips you’d think your looking at princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin. However, man is so focused on the outside look that we forget about the most important of them all and that is our insides. We strive everyday to make the outside look better and better, we strive to be more beautiful and good looking, that our inside continues to be neglected.

You may paint the perfect picture to the world as the most beautiful woman or handsome man there is out there, but your inside is so dark like coal. Pretence has become the order of the day, no one is real, infact what I have come to realise is that most people like fakeness. Fake it, till you make it is the in thing, why do we accept that which is not right for something that is? is there really a flawless person? is there really a man or a woman who has no flaws? No there isn’t, but our world would like to think that there is. That is why many more women are going for breast augmentation, surgery to make themselves look like dolls, when in reality they are just wounded on the inside. They forget, that no matter how hard you try to paint a picture perfect picture, if what you are is wounded on the inside, then you still have to deal with your inside. Am not against cosmetic surgery, no, not at all, infact cosmetic surgery has helped millions of people all over the world to get artificial limbs to enable them to walk. What I am saying is this, cosmetic surgery is now being done for the wrong reasons, God made you beautifully, but still you want to play ‘god,’ and so you change the way you look, you even change your gender from male to female or vice versa. What you are telling us is that God made a mistake when He made you the way you are, but your the one that is wrong! God never makes a mistake, no He doesn’t. Most people are lacking self confidence and some have very low self esteem, and the truth is this, surgery won’t make you get your confidence back, because you haven’t dealt with the problem first!

We hide our hurts and pains in our hearts, and paint a different picture that we are perfect while indeed what we are is ‘walking wounded.’ You’ve been hurt and abused one too many times that you close the door and shut yourself in, but your heart bleeds in pain. Your smiling to the world, but your crying like a baby inside and all you want is some love, care and for someone to tell you that it will be okay. Well am here to tell you that there is someone that can heal your broken heart and restore you back again, He’s name is Jesus Christ. The world would like to tell us that what matters is being flawless on the outside, this is wrong. You might be flawless on the outside, but your full of sin on the inside, your full of hatred, anger and many other issues. However, when you deal with your issues from the inside, even if your outside might look as if nothing is going on for you, truth is you have the King of Kings living inside and that is what really matters.

Come to Jesus, all who are wounded and you will find rest, Let the King of the universe touch your life and I promise that, you will never be the same again. Let your purpose be to serve Him in every area of your life and when you do this, you will find your purpose for living! Heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away, He is the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Therefore, align yourselves to His plans and His purposes, that when He comes back, He will come and take us home. How sad will it be that you had the most flawless face/body on earth, but you never knew Him, you never knew Jesus.

Remember, you might be on top your game, but you really ain’t playing any game if Jesus ain’t in your heart.

Get your A game, get Jesus!


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