To divert means to turn aside from its course, to reroute, redirection.

When roads are being made, the contractor cannot close the road permanently, and so he has to create a diversion road where by the motorists will be directed to, as the main road is being made. During diversions, the traffic jam is normally crazy than other times because all the cars have been squeezed into a small road. Some road diversions are permanent, as in, once that road is closed for construction of a new road, the old one will never be used again, its considered as obsolete.

So many things can make us get diversions, but the question is are we being diverted for the wrong reasons or are we being diverted for the right reasons. Just like roads need repairs when they get pot holes, so we need repairs when we get hurt and the pain becomes unbearable. When this happens, the only person who deals with matters of the hearts, will heal, restore and make you good than you were before, ready to go back to the road of life and tackle life’s issues. What is the one thing that is making you not serve God as you should? What is making you not reach your full potential as the way you should, is the diversion in your life for repairs, or is the diversion for ruin. When we become christians, what that means is we are now following “Christ’s” teachings, and when we follow the teachings of Christ, the enemy isn’t happy. He’s never happy when people are doing good, no, he’s happy when things get chaotic, and that is why you find that most times, trials and tribulations come to people who are following God’s ways. However, when you don’t follow God’s ways, then the devil will not bother you, he will make you as comfortable as you can get in your sins. Everything will be moving smoothly and swiftly (or so you think), but we all know the devil to be selfish and doesn’t care about anyone, that said, after he makes you think that your ‘untouchable’ in your sins, then he too will expose you. If you were a thief, you will be caught, if you were a rapist, sooner than you think you will be caught, or worse still, if you died while committing a crime (his crimes) he’ll be waiting for you in hell, where you won’t have anytime to change your ways, your  path will have been closed permanently.

Therefore who will make you or cause you to get diversions for ruin? Yourself, sometimes no one gets us in trouble, except we ourselves, it starts with a lie which continues and escalates into a drug addict, murderer, thief, the list is endless. We can be our own worst enemies, when we don’t have the Spirit of God within us, we are easily swayed back and forth, our minds can’t seem to make decisions for itself, we are wishy-washy and so the first person that we need to be careful of is ourselves. The next person is our friends, they say choose your friends wisely! some are only there for their own selfish reasons, while others can get you out of your misery pit. Some will get you into serious trouble that you will be wondering, ‘how did I get here?’ We have a mind of our own, and we need to use it, and not let other people make decisions for us. What of your married partners? of course they can also cause you to get diverted especially if one of you is saved and the other isn’t, I mean what do you expect? He’s not going to change and stop drinking alcohol just because he loves you to the moon and back. That’s where we go wrong, we think that we can change people, all in the name of love. What you might end up doing is actually sacrificing yourself and what you believe in, for someone else’s fun. Don’t get me wrong, yes sometimes our ways and how we live our lives can either make someone a better person, or worse still, a rebellious person. What we need to know at the end of it all is that we can only do so much, the rest we leave it to God, only He can change a person from the inside to the outside. Most married folk, be like “he stopped drinking because he loves me,” he might have stopped drinking in front of your eyes, but when your not looking, he’s the worst drunk there is out there. Eventually when you find out, you feel betrayed, ashamed and it can either be a case of divorce and anger issues, or forgiveness and let them be!

There are so many red lights out there, sometimes we see them, sometimes we don’t. When we live for Jesus, we are always a target! the enemy wants to bring you down, and he might try and use anything or anyone. No one is perfect, none of us is, none of us knows whats coming our ways! we might be smiling now, and the next minute we are hit so hard, were left for dead. However, when all is said and done, we need to be careful and not to get diverted for the wrong reasons, but if you find yourself in a diversion, don’t stop moving, keep moving forward, repent and let Him who knows your heart restore you and bring you back to the main road where everyone will see you. All who thought you were dead and buried because of a certain issue, will see you restored, strong and ready for your next battle. Don’t die when you get to a diversion, don’t despair, it might be God’s ultimate plan for your life. However, if its not time for you to get into a diversion, do not allow yourself to be swayed by friends and people who will make you loose your faith, trust and walk with God.

May our spiritual eyes be opened, that we may see God and what He has in store for us.

May our spiritual ears be opened that we may hear when God speaks to us



  1. So inspiring. Cynthia Gitonga have you ever thought of writing a book? I bet it can be a thriller. Always looking forword to read “wordpress.”


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