Cord Connection!

When a child is in its mother’s womb, its at rest, its at peace, its connected to the mother through a cord and that cord is the link to fluids and nutrients for it. For 9 good months the child will be kept warm, protected and provided for. While the child is inside the womb, the mother can be in the most extreme conditions, she might be walking fast or running due to the rain, she might even be sick and be lying in a hospital bed somewhere, but the child will not notice, the child will not be affected. Even if the mother hasn’t eaten, the baby will still get food and all the nutrients that it needs through the umbilical cord. All these happen because there is a cord connecting the baby to unlimited supply of everything it needs to grow, but once the cord is cut, then everything changes. The child will be born and given to its mother, who will now be breastfeeding the baby, the baby still cannot take care of its own self, but the mother/father will take care of it now. The difference here is that, there are more people taking care of the baby than when it was in the womb, and as the child continues to grow, they get many other care givers, people who will take care of them when they are sick, teachers who will teach them how to hold a pencil, how to write and soon they will start read and write.

I like to relate our everyday life to who we are with our Father in Heaven. Now I am all grown up, am no longer living in my parents house, am living in my own house, and I have a family to take care of. Such is life, soon my own children will be grown up and move out and go into the world and be great men. However, one thing still remains, we cannot compare the natural to the spiritual, that said, when we give our lives to Christ, the spiritual cord does not get cut even as we continue to grow in salvation and in the Lord. It will not reach a point whereby now we have become great men and women of God, that we no no longer need the link, no! absolutely not, infact we need the cord to be connected everyday of our lives, it doesn’t matter the age.

The cord and link that we have is Jesus Christ, He is the one that connects us to our Father, He is the one that intervenes on our behalf, He is the one who died for us, that we may have eternal life IN HIM. When you haven’t given your life to Him, you don’t have a cord connection, you don’t have a link and a person who fights for you and protects you, and so when trials and hardships come your way, you will be exhausted, in pain, you will struggle. But those who know the Lord, those who are tied up and connected to His cord, will soar on wings like eagles; the will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint Isaiah 40:31. People will look at you and think your a gone case, they will persecute and accuse you falsely, and they will even plan to kill you. However, you will not die prematurely, you will not lack anything, even when the physical needs might be wanting, the cord that you are linked up to gives you nutrients and strength to push forward and persevere through the dry season. When the economy is bad and everyone is closing their business, yours shall thrive, and flourish, why? Because you are linked to the cord and the well that never runs dry, you will always find mercy and love, when the Grace of God is upon your life, nothing is impossible to you! You are a winner

Therefore, let us align and connect ourselves to this cord, to this link that cannot be seen with physical eyes, a cord that nourishes and replenishes our strength, a cord that gives us super human strength to push forward. That link, is the one and only Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, connect with Him, hook up yourselves to Him, such that just like a child, you will seem to be sleeping and enjoying the ride, while the rest of the world, will be murmuring in stress. I don’t know about you, but this to me is the easiest way in life, this is the best way to keep moving forward, after all it also has a reward and its eternal life. The other rebellious type of living too has a reward, and that is eternal fire. Some people ask, “how can a God who claims to love His children, want to destroy them with eternal fire?” well that is a topic for another day, so keep it locked here, and we will find out the answers.

Get connected to the ONLY cord that never runs dry and enjoy the ride with Jesus!

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