Holding on

I wrote this post sometime last year, thanks to FB for the reminder, it spoke to me again.

Your holding on to a metal rod which is dirty with sewage water dripping all over you. When you look down, you see a big manhole full of sewage water, if you let go of the metal rod, you will get into the manhole. So what do you do? You hold on for your dear life, soon you start realising that as you continue to hold on, you realise that the metal rod had a motor on it, and it was moving, but it seemed as if you weren’t moving because while you were at the place dripping with dirty water, it took much longer than you expected. Soon you realise that the rod is no longer dripping waste water and it’s actually producing what seems to be like oil lubricant for the metal to move with ease. As the oil lubricates the metal, it moves freely and easily and since you were stuck in one place, when the metal moves, you find you also move and get into a dry place whereby you can drop safely without sinking into the sewage water.

What am I saying. We are all holding on to a rod, things are going from bad to worse, you look down and ask yourself if I let go, it’s going to get worse and hence you hold on tightly. Soon your rod starts getting oil and moves you to a dry ground, full of peace, blessings and freedom. Many people will let go because they have given up, their hands are tired from all the “hanging,” everyone tells you “hang in there, help is coming.” Help will eventually come, but will it find you already drowned in the water? Or will it find you still holding on?

As Christians, we are tossed left right and center everyday for the gospel of Jesus Christ! Some of us let go because we cannot handle it, others will hold on until they have received the crown of life. Where do you place yourself? Will you hold on to Jesus even if the world gives you sewage water to drink? Or will you let go because it’s become too bitter for you and you take the easier way out and submerge yourself in the pleasures of this world. Remember the road to Heaven is narrow, for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and loose his own soul? Mark 8:36

This world with all its pleasures is passing away, hold on to Jesus, hold on to His word, He is coming soon and will reward each and every person according to their works!! To hear the Lord say, ‘welcome, thy good and faithful servant’ is worth everything in this world, and cannot be compared to anything! Than to hear Him say, ‘depart from me, I do not know you’!

#Heiscomingsoon #HoldontoJesus

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