Have you ever noticed how anytime food falls down to the ground, or on the gas cooker, ants always find their way there. Not that the surface on the floor was dirty, no it wasn’t, infact it could even be immediately after cleaning the house and its spotless, however, as soon as a crumb of bread falls down, then you will see ants making their way to the food, it starts with one, then two, then the whole colony comes over to carry the food away. I guess it means that they have very good sensors for seeing and smelling food from a long distance.

If ants could speak, they would recommend that we never clean our surfaces, so that they can always have enough to eat, always be partying on our kitchen floors or household surfaces. Ants are attracted by food, as this is what will benefit them, but what of us? What do we attract? do we attract things that we want or do we attract things that we need? do we attract good people into our lives or do we attract bad people into our lives? When the ants sees food, it runs for it, but when the food is rotten you won’t see ants, but you will see worms! Ants will not come and fill your jar of salt, but they will most definitely fill your dish of sugar, why? because its sweet. I think the same goes for us, when you do good, you will attract people into your life because the good that you are doing, will be like breadcrumbs falling down all over the place and people will want to be associated with you. When companies make profits, people want to become shareholders, everyone wants a piece of the cake, but when the company goes down, the same people who were in, will want to come out!

How is your life? do you attract good people? people who will help you to grow? or do you attract bad people, who will make you become stagnant, stop growing and soon start developing worms, because everything inside you has become rotten. They say the truth hurts, thats because when you are told the truth, it cuts across your heart and reality hits home, what we do with the truth is what matters next. Some will try and hide the truth, while others will embrace it, but one thing is for sure, you cannot hide the truth, and even if you manage to do so for sometime, it will eventually come out bursting forth with light.

The world is full of evil and craftiness, but do good anyway! People will always take advantage of you when you are nice, be nice anyway! It doesn’t matter what surrounds you, you might be surrounded by rottenness, but don’t allow your surroundings to change who you are, don’t allow people do change who you really are in Christ. My youngest son was riding his bike this past Sunday, when he stopped to urinate, and when he went back to his bike, he found girls surrounding it, but he didn’t bother with them, and so as he was climbing up to ride, one of the girls pushed him and he fell into a puddle of dirty water. He had the choice to fight back, but when he came home, he just said, “mum they were girls, I couldn’t beat them up.” The bottom line is this, in this life we all have choices to make, some choices will be tough, some will be easy, breezy like taking a walk through the park! whatever choice you make, remember this, “choices have consequences,” and irregardless of what people will say or even think of you, always make the right choice, always do what is right even when the world is going in the opposite direction, soon, they will see the good you do, and will want to change, or better still, do what you do!

There is a famous swahili saying that goes “chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza,” this means what is good will sell itself doesn’t need any form of advertising, but what is bad will advertise itself.

Jesus Christ is the light of this world, make the decision today to follow Him, it will be the best decision you will ever make in your life, and you will never ever regret making that decision. John 8:34-36 “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it for ever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”


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