Give God a chance…

So am cleaning my youngest son’s nose and he says to me “mum let me do it myself,” so he takes his handkerchief and does it, but unfortunately, he doesn’t do a good job, he can’t reach all the way into his nose and so he says “mum please help me, I can’t reach any further” and so, I step back in with a smirk on my face that says ‘I told you so’, and I help him clean his nose.

Life teaches us the most important aspects of life, with the simplest of illustrations. We are all like little children before God, whenever we have problems, we think we can do it all on our own without Jesus. We want to wipe away our dirt, our failures all by ourselves, we try to, but unfortunately, we only manage to clean the outside, but we can’t reach the inside! We cannot reach into our hearts and clean them up, we cannot remove the guilt that builds up inside us whenever we do wrong, it’s only Jesus who can help you with that. That is why we need Jesus in our lives, all day, everyday!! He wants to help, but we be like “I can do this on my own,” and being the good God that He is, He lets us be! then we realise it’s much harder than we thought and we give up or fail. Jesus won’t get annoyed  by that, He’s patient with us, and so He waits patiently for the day that you will allow Him to do it for you.  Unlike us, He won’t be like ‘I told you so,’but rather, He is gentle and kind with us.

Today, He is asking you if there is anything that He can help you with? Matters of the heart, frustrations in life and you feel that you have reached rock bottom! When we get to our end, then Jesus comes in. Give Him a chance, to wipe away all the dirt in your life, to wipe away all the tears from your eyes, to give you peace that cannot be given by anyone or anything in this world. He never gets tired of us, He listens to all our complains, He is that Faithful.

Let Him wipe away that pain that you still hold on to because someone hurt you so badly. Let him deal with the rejection that your going through, man will reject you, but Jesus died on the cross for you. Embrace Him, remember He loves you but He can never force himself on you. He will wait patiently until you say, “Lord I can’t do it anymore on my own, I need you”. His strength is made perfect when we are weak, give Him a chance today and He will never let you down! Never!

Heart issues, pain that no one else can see, no one else can feel but you, Jesus is the only one that can heal you. Talk to Him!!





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