Who Is Your Driver?

The engine of the car is a very important part of a vehicle. If the engine knocks, the car is done and you will either get a brand new engine or another car. But even though you have a good engine, you need a driver, coz the car won’t move by itself. As you drive, as careful as you might try to be, you find drivers who are careless and will make you cause accidents, you might steer away from you lane into another. A good driver knows that they have to be responsible on the road, though you might find rude drivers who jump lanes, overtake carelessly, cause accidents, drive when drunk.

Now relate your car with yourself. Your engine is your heart, as long as your heart is beating, means your engine is working properly. The steering wheel is yourself and the driver will be whoever you choose to lead you. God, man, world etc. If you let the world drive you, you shall be driven by worldly pleasures, hate, malice, lies. You will steer off from your lane and cause accidents by being hateful, angry at everyone around you.

But if Jesus is your driver, He will guide you even when you steer off He will bring you back to Himself, to His loving arms. A good engine needs regular service and oil change. Your not perfect, so when you sin get your service done regularly. Confess your sins to God don’t let them pile up and cause your heart to be heavy and angry. Repent He is faithful and just to forgive.

The steering wheel cannot steer itself, it needs a driver. Who is your driver? Is it your friends? Is it the world? or is it God? As long as your engine (heart) is running live your life for Christ, that when it stops beating,  you shall be with Him in Heaven and your car will not be written off and thrown into the lake of fire! !



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