Life’s Lessons!

So my oldest son is camping and his brother is missing him like crazy! He is very sad, I just told him to come and have his breakfast and he said “peke yangu”, on my own? He is used to eating together with his brother, and so he doesn’t even want to eat now. Yet when the brother is around, he always bullies him, coz he knows he can’t be beaten, taking advantage of his title ‘small brother’. Unfortunately for him now, he is learning the good old saying that states, you don’t know what you have until you loose it. Am sure by the time his brother comes back, he will be treating him like a king! He has learnt the hard way!

This happens every other day, we treat people like crap! Disrespect them, disregard their views, only to loose them to death and realise later, we hadn’t even said ‘sorry’, we hadn’t even said ‘I love you‘. Why do we do that? Is it a human thing? We take advantage of nice people in our lives, use them because they are too nice, only to regret later on!  Why not just be good to everyone around you? Treat people nicely, with dignity, and use gadgets! Our society is unfortunately fond of using people.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, no one! So while you still have today, make the best of it! Be the best parent, the best wife, the best husband, the best brother or sister, the best child, the best worker, let us strive to be the best in everything that we do. In life we have moments that we remember and smile, while still some moments make us cry! If you can avoid a sad moment because it will hurt someone, then by all means avoid it like plague. Cherish everything that God allows to come to you, others will break you, mould you, love you, never leave you! Such is life.

The greatest gift of all is Love! Let us love one another, as Christ loved us!



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