Winners & Losers

I don’t think there is anyone in this world who likes loosing. Everyone wants to be a winner, to be on the winning team. Whenever you loose on something, be it exams, a project, a relationship, we feel the pain, the disappointment that comes with failure. On the flip side of it, everytime you win and or progress, there is a sense of achievement, accomplishment that comes with success.

Does this mean that if you fail in life your forever termed a failure? No absolutely not! We learn through failures, we learn through mistakes. The only difference between successful people and the rest, is that they never gave up on their dreams! They kept pushing and knocking on doors until it opened. When you find the secret to your success, you stick to it! So what is the winning strategy? Which is the winning team? #TeamJesus! After searching and searching, there is only one answer to life’s struggles and that is Jesus, who is the Christ!

If you want to get on board the winning team, have life everlasting and receive the crown of life! Then get on board the winning team! You might be successful, have all the money and power in the world, but as long as you don’t have Jesus, then your still unfortunately a loser!

Make the decision today and stick to your team! I don’t know about you, but am on the winning team, am on #TeamJesus


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