Rooted In The Word

Any plant needs roots for it to survive, if the roots don’t come out for whatever reason, be it not being watered, or the ground not being fertile, the plant automatically dies. For a plant to be planted, first thing to check is the fertility of the ground, is the soil good? Can it grow and bear fruit with the weather surrounding it? Different crops grow in different weather conditions and different ground types, however the most important aspect of it all is the roots. If the roots don’t come out, the plants cannot survive.
The same way that plants need roots to survive, so we also need to be rooted in the word of God to survive to stand firm. Have you ever seen someone who has just gotten saved? They have a glow within them, they are happy, they read the Bible, they pray every other day. However, if they do not maintain and keep up with this routine, they soon stop praying and praising as they used to. They quickly forget their first love, they wither away in the things of this world and forget everything about God. Then there is one who got saved, stayed in salvation, grew in salvation and has maintained their faith with God. This kind of person is deeply rooted into the word of God, the word of God has been deeply affirmed into their lives. No matter what the devil tries to bring into their lives, they stand firm with the word of God and emerge victorious.

Question is how deeply rooted into the word of God are you? Do you have roots? Are your roots deep enough? Can they survive all the weather conditions thrown at them? Or will you wither away when it’s too hot or when it’s too cold? Christianity is a walk that is smooth today, rough and rocky tomorrow. Let your roots grow deep into the word of God, firmly rooted, not shaken no matter what may come your way!

Remember for you to bear fruit, you have to have grown, no plant bears fruit immediately it’s planted, it needs to be watered, manured, weeds to be trimmed and then mature enough to bear fruit. The same with us, water yourself with the word of God, add faith as your manure to grow, and prayer should be your weapon for removing all the weeds growing around you. God is on your side, stick to your first love!

Deeply rooted!
Not shaken!

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