Have you ever being in a situation where by you are misunderstood, misjudged, to the point you feel misplaced? You always find yourself trying to justify what you did,  why you did it, and who you were with? People just don’t seem to take you seriously, it’s like your living in your own world and It can happen to anyone at any age.

What brings about this? Trust! Whenever we loose trust with anyone, it can be very hard to gain it back. It all starts with a lie you say to your friends and loved ones, when you realise that they didn’t realise It’s a lie, you still continue with your lies. You lie to your parents to get money off them, or worse still, you steal money from them. You lie to your spouse, flirt with the opposite sex to the point of having an affair. The devil made you comfortable in your lies (after all he is the father of all lies), you never thought you were going to be caught, who steals to be caught? Unfortunately for you everything is now out in the open, you’ve being exposed. Most definitely your embarrassed by your behavior, you admit and accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. As human beings we forgive, but it takes time to trust again, and that is why it can be hard to prove yourself to someone whom, you took advantage of.

There are however a group of people who even after they have been exposed, will pretend to have changed, but haven’t. What do you do in such circumstances? Do you allow yourself to be taken advantage of? Do you confront them? Do you ignore them and let them be? I personally believe that such kind of people need prayers more, so that their eyes can be opened into seeing how much they hurt the people around them. Friendships die, marriages and families broken all because of lies. Do not mimic the devil by using lies in your life, instead mimic Jesus, the Light of the world!
James 4:7-8 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you. This is the only way we can resist all the fiery darts of the enemy, when we draw close to God! He covers us under His Wings, protecting us. Everytime you overcome the temptations thrown at you, and continue submitting to God’s plan the enemy has no power over you!

It’s your call, you make all the moves in this board game of your life!! Careful which move you make to be a Winner or a Looser!


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