Shutting Down!

What is shutting down? Shutting down is also termed as closing; closing down a computer or a mobile phone, the end of an event or function. Do human beings shut down? And if so, how do you know if the person near you is shutting down? Human beings are social beings, and the most important part of us, is communication. Anytime communication is not available, we tend to draw apart, if the communication is not restored, you find one party will start shutting down on the other. Not because they don’t love them, but simply because they feel their needs are not being met. When you give and keep giving and don’t get anything in return, most people close that chapter! They done.

A friend, a relationship, a marriage these are the most common and affected when it comes to shutting down! the most logical thing that we do when we are hurt, is either walk away, or remain and shut down! As a partner or a friend you need to ask yourself what happened, such that this person is acting differently than the way they used to be. It might be the silliest of things that made them mad, but fact is, they need your attention, if not best friends become total strangers, married partners become like brother and sister.

There is one thing however that keeps our mind sane, without going crazy and that is Jesus Christ. You might find two people going through the exact same thing, the only difference between them is that, one is saved, the other isn’t. The saved person has taken all their troubles to Christ and He is dealing with them, the other one is trying to fight their own battles. Who wins? Whose mind won’t go buzzing? The person who knows Christ will stand and keep standing no matter what is thrown on their side. Eventually, when the storm in their lives is over, they will emerge victorious!

All our issues in life should be taken to the one person who knows it all, who sees it all even before it happens. Bring them @His feet and He will handle them one by one, His name is Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world.

Look out for the signs, so that people you love don’t shut down on you!


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