Doing The Right Things, The Wrong Way!!

This past Easter weekend I took my sons for swimming, the young one is still learning how to swim and he was doing everything right, but backwards. It was actually very funny, he has an idea, but he is going in the opposite direction. That’s when my friend Nyokabi said ‘Moe your doing all the right things, the wrong way.’ That’s when it hit me, sometimes we might think that we are doing the right thing, when in actual sense it’s wrong. Bringing up our children, instead of disciplining them, we don’t correct them, so they grow up knowing that they can do whatever they want to do because their parents have let them be. The Swahili proverb that says ‘samaki mkunje angali mbichi’, meaning if you want to fold a fish, you have to do it when it’s raw, after its cooked, you can’t do much to it.

What have you being doing all along, thinking its right, but it’s totally wrong! The new word in town is ‘keptism’ young ladies being kept by older men, and young men being kept by older women, not for love, but for other interests, money, sex & business endeavors. Our society, our world has turned whatever that was good into evil. Cartoons are not what they used to be long ago. Cartoons where funny & goofy, right now they are all about super powers, fighting, even bloody! They ain’t the same. That is also why as parents you need to control everything your child watches.

Be on the lookout, keep asking yourself this question, are you doing the right thing the wrong way? Or are you doing the right thing, the right way! May God help us.



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