Peeping to see if all will see you…

I kid you not, these boys will one day make me have a heart attack with the words that they release from their mouths! Last week at around 7pm in the evening, it’s a school night, hence they gotta eat and sleep early! those are the rules and I make sure they are followed to the last letter. Both of them are having dinner and the young one comes and complains to me that his brother is not eating properly with manners. Off-course, I go over to have a look and confirm that yes, he wasn’t eating properly. I ask him why and he goes, “mum, it’s not like we are in a fancy hotel or something, were just in our own house, no one is watching.” You should have seen my face, I was like “child where did you get that from” (with a black American accent). Fancy hotel or not, table manners have to be observed! fancy hotel or not, you don’t do things because other people are watching you!

Parenting honestly deserves a degree, why didn’t they ever think of that? It’s the greatest job on earth! bringing up an innocent soul to become a responsible human being on the face of the earth. Advising our children on what is right and what is wrong. I had to advice my son that you don’t eat properly only in hotels, no! you eat properly everywhere you go and no one has to keep an eye on you. I went on and asked him a question, “does it mean that you will sin or do bad things when no one else is looking? like stealing? then pretend to be holy when the world is watching? and he was like, ‘no mum, we should be good all the time.’ Yes we should! When I gave him that example, it acted like an eye opener and he said, “now I get it mum.”

Sometimes I wish life could have examples so that it could get easier for all of us! but no we learn the hard way, and then we pass on what we have learned onto the next generation. Meaning, our lives become their examples, but they can choose if they will follow, or completely do the total opposite; tough isn’t it? but such is life!

Some situations in life will require you to make decisions and most of these decisions will not be seen by everyone, will you compromise? or will you stay true to 1) God’s word and what it says and 2) to your very own principles? It can be very easy to lie to everyone, but you can never lie to yourself, and whenever we compromise, guilt overwhelms us. Guilt  is something, if not delt with properly can make people even commit suicide or get into depression.

Ask yourself this, will you have table manners only when your in a fancy hotel and everyone is looking? Or will you have manners, all day everyday, even when no one is looking. Make your Father in Heaven proud of you, to look at you and say, “that’s my child.” Ever wondered what God thinks of you? ever wondered if you make Him smile and happy? ever wondered if your doing what He has called you to do? Let us strive to do what is right in the eyes of our Father in Heaven.


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