Finding God, Finding yourself!

So am watching the prince of Egypt with my sons and it gets to the point that Moses realises that his life isn’t what he thought it was. He was raised in the palace and he therefore got the best of everything, good education, the best food, the best clothes name it! Moses had it all. Then here he is, finding out that all his life was a lie! He’s mother isn’t his mother, Pharaoh isn’t his father, and whom he thought was his brother and friend was just another Egyptian slave master. Can you imagine the thoughts that went through his head! Confusion set in, he didn’t know himself, so he does the best thing he knows, he runs away from Egypt and into the desert.

God had a plan for the life of Moses, and when the time for him to be used by God had come, God had to expose who Moses was in Egypt for Moses to find out who he truly was! You see God had chosen Moses to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, but Moses had to first get out of Egypt, into the desert where he had to find God, before He handled the great mission ahead of him. If Moses hadn’t left Egypt, he wouldn’t have being able to lead the Israelites, why? He wasn’t ready, he didn’t even know himself, how would he have led a whole nation?

That’s what God does, He removes us from our comfort zones and takes us through the desert. You see, the desert isn’t supposed to harm us, but rather the desert is supposed to build us. In the desert is where we find God and when we find God, we find ourselves, we find our destiny!

We’ve all gone through the desert, but what did we do while we were there? Did we just complain of how dry it was? or did we ask God why He allowed us to go there? Everything that we go through in life has being allowed by God and when He allows a dry phase to come into our lives, this should not be the time to question why me? but rather to ask Him, what He wants us to learn. The truth is when we allow God’s measures to work in us, we grow spiritually, we learn and become different people; but on the other hand when we fight God, when we don’t allow ourselves to learn what He is teaching us, then just like the Israelites who were in the desert wandering for 40years, the same for us! That situation which you thought you had dealt with keeps coming back, why? because you never dealt with it in the first place, because you never learnt anything and instead, all you ever did was complain and nag!

In life it is either, you are getting into the desert, your either in the desert, or your coming out of it! you can choose to find God and come out with your face shining just like Moses did, or you can choose not to find God, stay in the desert and come out with nothing! When Moses left Egypt he didn’t have a strong personality, thats why he ran away, he was afraid, but after He found God, he comes back to Egypt, not the same person he was, but a different man, a man who had being dealt with by God. He was no longer afraid, He was still slow in speech, but that didn’t deter him because He had being sent by God and had to accomplish the work. How many times has God asked us to go back to where we were and we refused? Well here is Moses, going back to where he had killed someone and standing before Pharaoh and telling him to release the Israelites, imagine that! When God has delt with you, fear is not an option, His Grace is sufficient for you and His strength is your portion.

God has a plan for all of us and His plan is perfect! His plan is not to harm you but to make you into a better person, allow Him to work in you and I guarantee you will love the results. Don’t despair when you are in the desert, but rather find God and find your true self!!


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