When God sent Moses to go to Pharaoh, He gave Moses instructions that Pharaoh should “let God’s people go.”  However Pharaoh never knew who their God was and he honestly didn’t care about it, so God sent plagues and calamities on all Egypt one after the other.

At first Pharaoh thinks it’s all a big joke, because when Moses staff turned into a snake, he asked his magicians to do the same which they did, but the snake for Moses swallowed all the rest. Whenever a plague came, and all Egyptians were affected, he would call Moses to pray to ‘His’ God so that He would turn everything around, and the Lord did just that he would turn it around. Pharaoh promised to let the Israelites go, but when the problem was solved, he declined to release them, Pharaoh never kept his word, He was selfish! only committed to his needs.

The story of Pharaoh and how he kept changing his mind when God removed the plagues, is very similar to us. Am sure your wondering how? how can we be the same like Pharaoh who’s heart was harded, not having any feelings at all? Well ever gone through trials and tribulations? ever had one problem coming after another? The issue is not going through trials, but rather, how we handle the trials. We keep making promises to God, telling Him how we will change if He removes something from your life! promising God that we will serve Him if we get a job! promising God that we will give our lives to Him, when we finally settle down and get married. Well, you finally get what you want, what you’ve being asking God for many years, He does it! He gives it to you. But what did you do? did you keep your end of the bargain? did you give Him your life? did you stop doing everything bad and live for Him? Truth is, God doesn’t give us things because we bargained for them! no, God doesn’t operate like that. He doesn’t bless only the saved, He blesses each and everyone of us, irregardless of religion, race or background. He won’t stop just because you promised to do something and you didn’t.

Are you that person? always seeking God’s help when desperate times come, but as soon your out of trouble, you forget about Him? Then another season comes and your at it again, crying out to God, and because He’s faithful, He answers to you, He gives you the desires of your heart. What do you do? Keep ignoring Him like you always do! The characteristics of God doesn’t allow Him to choose whom He blesses, He isn’t like us, He is not a man that He should lie or change His mind! He Doesn’t operate like us, to be friends with our friends and to be enemies with our enemies. He teaches us to do the exact opposite; to LOVE our enemies, to do good to those that persecute us! To give to the needy, orphans and widows in our society. Thats the God that I serve, so powerful, so merciful and full of kindness.

Don’t get to know Him when your in trouble; but rather get to know Him, whom to know is life eternal even when everything around you is okay. Have that one on one relationship with Him, remember, when all is said and done, this world is not our home, dust we are, and to dust we shall return. When your turn comes to face the King of the World, what report will He give about you? will He say “well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your master” or will He say, “depart from me, I don’t even know you.” Ever pictured that? ever asked yourself, “will I make it to Heaven’s gate?” Not just the gate, but will I get in? will I walk on the streets of gold? will I sit down at the LORD’s Table? Have I done what I was brought here to do? Have I served Him like I should? Have I done enough? Have I? Have you?

Well I am not there yet, but as long as we still got the breadth of life in our nostrils going on, it means we still have a chance to make a difference! SO if you see another day, its not because your more special but remember its because your mission here isn’t complete, serve HIM all day, everyday!



  1. The depth of this message is so immense..We always forget who God is,we forget to go back to the altar forgetting that it is the same altar that granted us our wishes..I want to pray that I dwell in the house of the Lord and serve Him and always be thankful because I am nothing without Him..thanks for this deep message .God bless you babe

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    1. God has and will always remain faithful even in our unfaithfulness….. it’s a challenge, may we never forget what He has done in our lives and live for Him
      Thanks for stopping by Nina


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