Treaty – In the eyes of my son!

So I hear commotion between my sons and I thought they would resolve it but they didn’t, and so I went over to see what the whole issue was. I get there and see them fighting for a seat and am like really? There are plenty of seats why you guys fighting to sit on just one? So I made my decree, my mummy decree! I told the older one to let the younger one sit there since he was there first, and the young one says, “mum I can move for him,” but the older one says he wants to sit on the left side of the seat, and at this the young one refuses and says it’s his side.

You can imagine how I was shocked at this whole issue, to me anyone can sit on any side, but no! Seems like the left side of this particular seat has some sort of powers or something. Then the shocker comes, the older one says, “mum, Moe needs to respect the treaty agreement that we signed,” my jaw drops! “You signed a treaty?” Yes he says, “where is it?” “It’s in the bedroom.” “What did you write on the treaty agreement?” “As the first born son, I will always sit on the left side.” So I asked him if they both signed and he says he signed it, and “what of your brother?” I asked, “well mum, he doesn’t know how to sign and so I signed for him,” “but that’s not fair, I went on, if you agree on something, both parties have to sign,” but he just laughs. “And where did you learn about a treaty?” I wasn’t ready for what I heard! “Mum, in television, and sometimes when we go with you, I see you and other people signing things!” My son has officially grown up!

I laugh to my self because I am doing #6monthsBiblemarathon, and just in Genesis I have seen so many covenants taking place! But it got me thinking, yes a covenant is between 2 people who agree on something, and to ratify it, they sign it! There is however I person who didn’t sign on a piece of paper, but He signed with His own blood! And that person is Jesus Christ. He came to this earth, lived like one of us, was accused falsely, carried the cross and finally was crucified! He she’d His blood for us, and His blood is His covenant with us. Only His blood can wash us white as snow! And remember it’s not ‘some’ sins, but all our sins! Only His blood can make us whole again! Only His blood. Isn’t this the greatest treaty/covenant?

Well unlike other covenants, this one isn’t about to get broken, it was signed over 2,000 years ago and it is still Legal! Unlike other covenants which expire after sometime! So What do you have to do? Just surrender to Jesus and make Him Lord and Saviour over your life! Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s like the easiest decision you’d ever have to make! And you know what’s even better? It’s the best decision you will ever have to make!



  1. Wow…that treaty deal is so funny..yaani tosh is wise.Hehe…love this and am so glad Jesus didn’t need to sign any treaty with anyone but he died for me…fully with my sins and imperfections..made my day ma.hehehe

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